What They Were Thinking

Ducks hold up baseball game

Brockton Rox pitchers D.J. ROCHE (left)and COLE BARLOW hold the bullpen door open for a family of ducks that stopped play in the top of the third inning of a gameagainst the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton, June 21, 2013:

Barlow: “When I first saw the ducks I wasn’t sure what was happening. They were playing that duck noise on the PA. I thought, is this a part of our fund-raising promotion? I really had no idea. And then they started saying, ‘Bring the ducks over here.’ All right, but we’re not about to have ducks in the pen. I guess they got away from somebody. Then my next thought was, how did these ducks get on the field? I started looking around. Did they come from behind the dugout because I didn’t see them till they were right at second base. I still haven’t figured it out. I am a huge duck hunter. I thought about going and grabbing one of them, but I thought that wouldn’t be too smart to go over there and grab a duck in front of all these little kids and their moms. I let them walk this time.”

Roche: “I saw a couple of ducks that got lucky Cole didn’t have a shotgun. That was my first concern. I didn’t want to see that happen with all the kids here. It might have scared some kids. It’s unsportsmanlike to shoot them on the ground, but once they take off they’re fair game. I saw him getting excited. A couple of guys were trying to get the ducks off the field and a couple were trying to hold Cole back.”

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