What They Were Thinking

Sailing in heavy fog

CATE MILLER and MARK CAREY, aboard the 38-foot Indian Summer (second from left, but first in its class) as sailboats emerge from the fog at the end of the Figawi Race from Hyannis to Nantucket, May 25, 2013:

Miller: “An hour and a half before we finished the race, one person yelled, ‘Land Ho!’ and we were seeing Nantucket, and then 10 minutes later the island was gone. And then for the next 45 minutes we were like, ‘I think it’s there, we’re moving forward,’ but you lost total sight of where you were going until we finished, and then you start to see the glimmer of the island.”

Carey: “We were using binoculars to read the numbers of all the boats around us to try to find other boats in our class, and we couldn’t find any. So, we weren’t sure if we were in first or we were in last place. The first-place finisher always gets a gun. Everyone on the crew had our eyes glued to the guy with the gun every time he moved. But we were going so slowly we had a long time to stare at this guy. Finally, he shoulders the gun, the bow comes across the line, and we hear the bang.”

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