Indians first baseman CASEY KOTCHMAN (left) and second baseman JASON KIPNIS, trying in vain for a foulball that drifted into the stands at Fenway Park, May 13, 2012:Kipnis—‘‘There’s less foul territory here than in Cleveland. I was trying to look out for the wall, not run into thestands and find the ball at the same time, so it’s just all jumbled up. When I was coming down with the bare hand, italready hit the wall and was bouncing up. It came straight at me. My left glove was supported by my left arm so I justused my right hand and tried to catch it barehanded. On that kind of foul ball, it’s whoever can get there first makesit. But that’s a hard play for either of us to make. Casey always gives it everything. You don’t have the highest fieldingpercentage [in major league history for first basemen] without going hard for balls.’’Kotchman—‘‘I was just trying to catch the ball. I don’t know how I ended up like that. I didn’t get hurt. You knowthe tarp is there, you’re just trying to make a play, but it didn’t hurt. It’s a soft tarp.’’