Veggie Galaxy Meat eaters will enjoy this diner as much as any vegetarian. This highly popular family diner with a casual atmosphere serves up hearty omelets, sandwiches and a stick to you ribs Baked Mac and Cheese w/ Roasted Eggplant, Roasted Leeks, and Panko. They will also be introducing a blue plate special this winter - Tempura Fried Baby Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Delicata Squash Puree & Shallot & Balsamic Vinegar Marmalade. A new entrée introduced recently will also be perfect for the winter months, Cider & Tamari Glazed Sweet Potato Cutlets, Sauteed Collards with Shallot & Chili Flake, Winter Vegetable Dirty Rice Salad. Signature Dish: Cambridge Street Omelet 450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, (617) 497-1513, veggiegalaxy.comChef - Brian Van Ettenbrianvanetten@gmail.com857-719-1934