The 100 highest-paid public employees in Mass.

Below are the 100 highest-paid state employees in Massachusetts, based on 2012 salary data.
DepartmentNameTitle2012 salary
University of MassachusettsCollins, Michael FChancellor & SVP Hlth Sciences$784,468
University of MassachusettsFlotte, Terence RExec Dep Chanc Provost & Dean$712,041
University of MassachusettsLovley, Derek RAssociate Dean CNS$664,636
University of MassachusettsKellogg, Derek WHead Basketball Coach$628,624
University of MassachusettsMurphy, Joyce AExec VC, Commonwealth Medicine$590,320
University of MassachusettsCaret, Robert LPresident, University of Mass$503,881
University of MassachusettsPagnam, Charles JVC,Development$485,578
University of MassachusettsRock, Kenneth LChairman of Department$419,433
University of MassachusettsMolnar, Charles EHead Football Coach$401,250
University of MassachusettsSullivan, John LProfessor$397,824
University of MassachusettsJenal, Robert EExec VC, Admin & Finance$389,495
University of MassachusettsCzech, Michael PProfessor$384,593
University of MassachusettsKiefe, Catarina IChairman of Department$358,767
University of MassachusettsWilson, Jack MInterim Dean, Engineering$348,846
University of MassachusettsPugnaire, Michele PSr Assoc,Dean of Education$333,679
University of MassachusettsPolakoff, David FChief Medical Officer, CWM$332,713
University of MassachusettsRussell, Thomas PDistinguished Univ Prof,UMA$332,328
University of MassachusettsJulian Jr, James R.Executive Vice President$329,591
University of MassachusettsFinch, JohnDeputy Director$328,067
University of MassachusettsStaros, James VProvost/VC for Academic Aff$327,472
University of MassachusettsThorndyke, Luanne EVice Provost Faculty Affairs$326,045
University of MassachusettsFuller, Mark ADean, School of Management$322,791
University of MassachusettsJacobson, Allan SProfessor$319,240
University of MassachusettsMuthukumar, MurugappanWilmer D. Barrett Professor$313,297
University of MassachusettsMcNamara, James PExec Dir,Ofc of Tech Mgmt$303,811
University of MassachusettsMotley, James KeithChancellor$301,405
University of MassachusettsAbdelal, AhmedProvost$299,537
University of MassachusettsMoloney, JacquelineExecutive Vice Chancellor$299,537
University of MassachusettsMercurio, Arthur MProfessor$298,803
University of MassachusettsAllison, Jeroan JProfessor$298,644
University of MassachusettsReppert, StevenChairman of Department$295,129
University of MassachusettsMeehan, MartinChancellor$293,925
University of MassachusettsMolrine, Deborah CAssoc Professor$291,683
University of MassachusettsMatthews, Charles RobertChairman of Department$288,559
University of MassachusettsPearson, SusanAssociate Chancellor$286,632
University of MassachusettsCarruthers, AnthonyDean,Grad Sch of Biomed Sci$285,582
University of MassachusettsSeymour Route, Paulette ADean, Grad School Of Nursing$283,962
University of MassachusettsHoughton, JeanmarieAssoc Professor$283,025
University of MassachusettsWilliams, Marcellette GSenior Vice President$282,996
University of MassachusettsCroft, William BDistinguished Univ Prof,UMA$279,243
University of MassachusettsNakosteen, Robert A.Professor U of M$277,679
University of MassachusettsLeto, Michael AVice Chan for Dev & Alumni Rel$275,295
University of MassachusettsYestramski, JoanneVice Chancellor$273,441
University of MassachusettsMalone, Michael F.VC Research & Engagement$272,893
University of MassachusettsTowsley, Donald F.Distinguished Professor$272,615
University of MassachusettsKurose, James F.Distinguished Univ Prof,UMA$267,658
University of MassachusettsFloyd, Steven WProfessor U of M$267,254
University of MassachusettsClarke, Lori AnnChrm.Of Department U of M$263,249
Bridgewater State UniversityMohler-Faria, Dana APresident$262,429
University of MassachusettsPlummer, Deborah LVC, HR, Diversity & Inclusion$259,890
Chief Medical ExaminerNields, Henry MChief Medical Examiner$257,500
University of MassachusettsHallock, Robert B.Distinguished Univ Prof,UMA$256,578
University of MassachusettsChiu, EdwardVice Chancellor$255,988
University of MassachusettsLitwin, DemetriusPhysician (Dual)$255,880
University of MassachusettsMcCutcheon, John FAthletic Director$255,767
University of MassachusettsKarellas, AndrewProfessor$255,497
University of MassachusettsLeney, Mark DAsst Professor$253,139
University of MassachusettsTrafford, Pamela SSenior Lecturer II$252,591
University of MassachusettsGreiner, Dale LProfessor$252,404
University of MassachusettsAgoglia, Christopher PProfessor U of M$250,853
Fitchburg State UniversityAntonucci, Robert VPresident$250,499
University of MassachusettsDubach, John F.CIO/Spec Asst to Chancellor$250,143
University of MassachusettsPalmer, Richard NHead of Department$249,519
Middlesex Community CollegeCowan, Carole APresident$248,764
University of MassachusettsLangley, WinstonProvost & VC Academic Affairs$247,882
Department of PoliceWilson, David WLieutenant$247,821
University of MassachusettsFinberg, Robert WPhysician (Dual)$247,641
University of MassachusettsKneeland, Michael DAssoc. Dean for Allied Health$247,154
University of MassachusettsThibodeau, Marc AExecutive Director CHCF, CWM$245,934
University of MassachusettsSheehan, James PVice Chancellor Admin&Finance$245,815
University of MassachusettsHeard, Stephen OPhysician (Dual)$244,599
University of MassachusettsGeller, Jeffrey LProfessor$244,561
Mount Wachusett Community CollegeAsquino, Daniel MPresident$244,261
University of MassachusettsThomas, William DAsst Professor$243,901
University of MassachusettsKida, Thomas E.Professor U of M$243,646
University of MassachusettsGroblewski, Thomas AAsst Professor$242,825
University of MassachusettsOnorato, PattiDeputy COO, CWM$242,128
University of MassachusettsGoldberg, Robert JProfessor$242,005
Bunker Hill Community CollegeFifield, Mary LPresident$241,699
University of MassachusettsJohnson, Julia VPhysician (Dual)$240,882
Department of PoliceO'Grady, John FLieutenant$240,766
University of MassachusettsCavanagh, Stephen JDean, Nursing$240,693
University of MassachusettsVasil, NancyAssoc VC Admin & Finance$240,308
University of MassachusettsKim, JeanVice Chancellor Student Affair$240,264
Massachusetts College of ArtBarrett, Dawn BPresident$240,000
University of MassachusettsRiley, JeannetteInterim Dean Col Arts And Scie$239,662
University of MassachusettsPeters, Linda M LCont Ed Instructor$239,644
University of MassachusettsBradley, Raymond SDistinguished Professor$239,514
University of MassachusettsMartin, Joel W.Vice Provost U of M$238,681
University of MassachusettsMcIlvane, WilliamExecutive Director Shriver Ctr$237,941
University of MassachusettsGoodwin, Steven DDean College Natural Sciences$237,901
University of MassachusettsGao, GuangpingProfessor$237,500
University of MassachusettsHayes, John RAssoc VC,Development$237,470
Salem State UniversityMeservey, Patricia MPresident$236,609
University of MassachusettsAgha, IqbalChrm.Of Department U of M$236,034
University of MassachusettsChmura, Thomas JosephVice President$235,992
Department of PoliceGlidden, Todd MState Police Trooper,1st Class$235,817
University of MassachusettsCalhoun, Alan JamesExec Dir of Health Services$235,761
University of MassachusettsKennedy, John FrancisVice Chancellor Univ Rel$235,061
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