7/29/05 -- SPRINGFIELD, MA -- BUSINESS -- THE WAY WE WORK -- GLOBE STAFF PHOTO BY LANE TURNER -- Bob Carroll (cq) adjusts an internal mechanism in a Computerized Numerical Control machine that cuts cylinders for .460 caliber high-velocity revolvers at the Smith & Wesson gun factory in Springfield. The machine performs the drills and cuts that used to occupy over a dozen workers, and turns out bored cylinders from lengths of steel bars. Smith & Wesson employs 650 workers and makes about 300,000 guns annually in 114 varieties of revolvers and pistols. Although retail customers are their main business, the company has a contract to make 5000 guns for the Iraqi police force. Smith & Wesson had sales of $118 million in 2003, the last year for which figures were availble. Library Tag 08142005 Business & Money -- 0414guns