Coach talks to parents at Inly

Joe Ehrmann, former professional football player and author of “InSideOut Coaching,” will visit Inly School for a presentation about productive coaching. Co-sponsored by the South Shore YMCA, the talk is meant to redefine the role of sports in today’s culture. The program will address stereotypes and problems in today’s sports culture, and help look for ways to redefine sports so that children learn team-building and leadership skills, said Paul Gorman, president of the South Shore YMCA. Ehrmann will also participate in a pre-talk workshop for Inly teachers and coaches, along with coaches from the South Shore YMCA. “Joe’s holistic approach to coaching aligns perfectly with who we are as a school,” said Donna Milani Luther, head of Inly School. “It’s not about winning a game, it’s about winning in life. The message is that we’re all in this together — which leads to cooperative learning and to the kind of teamwork that I think kids need in this century.” Tickets are $20 and are available online at