And the Oscar goes to . . . you

Congratulations! You've just been awarded an Oscar!
You are on your way to the stage and you need to give your acceptance speech. You will only have 45 seconds and many people to thank before the music becomes louder and louder. What are you going to say now the world is looking at you?

Mark the boxes that you'd like to include in your speech.

The possibilities shown in 'random mode' come from actual Oscar acceptance speeches
Tell them you haven't prepared anything
Take out a paper
Thank people (family, friends, crew...)
How many people?
Write down what you would want to say on each of them, one per box (f.i., I want to thank my mother for believing in me...)
Or randomize it!
Thank members of the Academy
Would you like to give specific reasons
Write down what you would like to say (f.i., I want to thank the Academy members, because after so many years...)
Political comment
Write down what you would like to say (f.i., I want to use this opportunity to send a message...)
Or randomize it!
Exclamation (Wow, yeah, Yes...)
Cry a bit
Funny comment
Write down what you would like to say (f.i., Hey Jack, don´t look at me like that...)
Or randomize it!
Praise the other nominees
A general comment or praise them one by one?
Personal experience/anecdote
Write down what you would like to say (f.i., I remember when I was just a kid...)
Anything else?
Next step: organize your speech
Your speech
Drag the pieces of speech and put them in order.
    Ready? Let's try it!

    SOURCES: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

    Chiqui Esteban, Daniel McLaughlin, Alexa McMahon, Penny Yi Wang/Globe Staff

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