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  • Opponents of Scottish independence received a boost on Thursday after ________ came out against the campaign to secede from the United Kingdom. After more than 300 years of union with England, a _________ Scottish independence is planned for Sept. 18.

    Answer: C. In response to a question at a news conference, Obama praised the existing arrangement: "From the outside at least, it looks like things have worked pretty well," he said.
  • After nearly a decade of planning, the NFL announced this week that the league will not use ________ for the 2016 Super Bowl in Santa Clara, Calif. Although a break with tradition, the league says the decision will allow "a much bolder ______" at the championship game.

    Answer: B. Rather than call the game Super Bowl L, the 50th game will be Super Bowl 50. The league will revert to Roman numerals for Super Bowl LI.
  • Harvard claimed a first on Wednesday, when the university's rare book library announced that scientific tests showed one of its 19th-century volumes was almost certainly made from _________. The library believes the material used for the book, the only of its kind in Harvard's giant collection, was acquired from a _________.

    Answer: B. The book "Des destinees de l’ame," by Arsene Houssaye, was described as "a meditation on the soul and life after death.”
  • A former commander of the Blue Angels, the Navy's prestigious stunt flying team, was reprimanded this week after an investigation showed he had tolerated behavior by squadron members that created a "________" atmosphere. The report cited instances of pornography, anti-gay remarks, and _________ on the roof of an airplane hangar.

    Answer: C. The officer, Captain Gregory McWherter, left the Blue Angels in 2012; the Navy has since cracked down on smut in the unit.
  • Suzi LeVine, the new United States envoy to Switzerland, made history when she became the first American ambassador to take her oath of office on _________ Monday. "It was what _________," she said in explaining the unconventional choice.

    Answer: C. LeVine, a former tech executive, also serves as ambassador to Switzerland's lesser-known sidekick, Liechtenstein.
  • Beginning on Wednesday, the car service app Uber began offering a new type of transportation in the city, allowing Boston users to summon a _________ with their smartphone in addition to the usual cars. The service is only scheduled to last until ________.

    Answer: B. Called UberBOAT, the rides cost $11 a person plus gratuity.
  • Sony Pictures announced Thursday that it plans to re-release the classic 1980s film _________ later this year. In addition to a limited theatrical release, the studio will also sell a special anniversary Blu-ray gift set with a collectible ___________.

    Answer: D. The remastered version will play at 700 locations in the United States and Canada over Labor Day weekend.
  • Built with DNA, nourishing liquid, and a 3D printer, Boston-based artist Diemut Strebe unveiled a replica of __________ on Wednesday. The recreated body part, which took three years to grow, is now on display in __________.

    Answer: A. Strebe used DNA from Lieuwe van Gogh, a distant relative of the Dutch painter, to create the ear.
  • The Secret Service, the arm of government responsible for identifying and monitoring threats against the president and other top officials, issued a request Monday for software to analyze _______ trends in real time. The request specified that the system should be able to detect _________.

    Answer: B. "The ability to detect sarcasm and false positives is just one of 16 or 18 things we are looking at," a spokesman for the Secret Service told the Washington Post.
  • Newly uncovered documents show that in 2011, the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, an anti-terrorist unit, was focusing some of its limited resources on monitoring __________. The surveillance successfully averted ________.

    Answer: D. The documents also showed that the unit monitored many musicians, including Russell Simmons, identified as “an elite figure in the hip- hop community.”
  • A favorite character on HBO's hit show _________ died in a spectacularly gruesome way when ___________.

    Answer: D, the character, who shall remain nameless, fought a duel which ended when his head was squeezed until it burst apart.