Take the Globe Opinion quiz, June 20, 2014

Were you paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of world events, sports fandom, and Taylor Swift's pet acquisitions. Tweet your results to @GlobeOpinion.

  • Actor Benedict Cumberbatch arrived in Boston this week, elating the actor’s local fans, who call themselves ________. Cumberbatch is in the city to film scenes for "Black Mass," a movie about gangster James "Whitey" Bulger, in which he plays the role of _________.

    Answer: D. The movie, adapted from the book by Dick Lehr and Gerry O'Neill, is being filmed in locations across Massachusetts.
  • In 2005, the CIA produced a prototype of a scary-looking Osama bin Laden ________, the Washington Post reported on Thursday. Meant to scare children in Afghanistan and reduce popular support for the late Al Qaeda leader, the product was developed with the assistance of Donald Levine, who also helped design ________.

    Answer: A. According to the Post, a sample of the doll was manufactured at a toy factory in China and some were distributed in Pakistan.
  • A man running naked down Main Street in Wilbraham was taken into protective custody Wednesday night after numerous calls to 911. According to the Springfield Republican, police believe the man was suffering from the effects of _________ and trying to _______.

    Answer: B. The man, whose name and age were not released, was not arrested.
  • Japan, which had been the last developed country in the world that still allowed __________, gave in to years of pressure when its Parliament finally voted for a ban on Wednesday. However, in a nod to critics, _______ will remain legal in Japan.

    Answer: D. Violation of the new law will be punishable with a one-year prison term and fine up to $10,000.
  • A publicist confirmed rumors this week that actor Harrison Ford suffered a _________ recently while filming the newest "Star Wars" movie. Ford, who is reprising his role as Han Solo, was injured during a scene involving __________.

    Answer: C. The movie, "Star Wars: Episode VII," is expected in December 2015.
  • A Weymouth resident proposed changing the town's ordinances on Monday to require owners of ________ to keep them on leashes if the animals venture off their property. Unleashed animals roaming free, Lorraine Nicotera told the Patriot Ledger, are "a _______ in our state."

    Answer: A. Nicotera cited the droppings of unleashed cats, and their killing of wildlife, to support the ordinance.
  • Calling themselves ________, a group of fans of the US men’s soccer team have established ________ as their main Boston gathering spot during the World Cup tournament.

    Answer: C. The Banshee also permits soccer fans of other nationalities.
  • The pop star Taylor Swift announced the acquisition of a new cat on Wednesday, a white kitten she named _________ after the television character. Swift already has another cat named after a character on a different show, __________.

    Answer: A. Swift has described herself as a big fan of "Law and Order: SVU," in which actress Mariska Hargitay plays Olivia Benson.
  • In a sign that sports memorabilia collectors may be taking things a little too far, the Associated Press reported on Thursday that a ______ that once belonged to ______ sold for $4,404 at auction.

    Answer: C. For fans seeking a cheaper way to pay homage to Belichick, replicas are available on the Patriots website for $84.95.
  • In a policy shift, the MBTA announced on Monday that it would fire any train or bus driver caught carrying _______ on the job. The T's general manager, Beverly A. Scott, said the new rule was intended to "reinforce our commitment to __________."

    Answer: B. The union representing drivers opposed the change, claiming drivers may sometimes need "alternative communications" for safety purposes.

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