Where people bring guns into airports

More than 1,800 departing passengers were caught with a firearm in their luggage at US airport security check-ins in 2013, according to a Globe analysis of Transportation Security Administration data. Six of those gun incidents occurred at Boston's Logan Airport. The airport saw .41 firearms for every million departing passengers in 2013, one of the lowest incident rates in the country.

The map below indicates the prevalence of found guns at US airports, comparing airports with five or more incidents in 2013.

Incidents per million departing passengers in 2013
More than 15
Less than 5
Incidency by state
New York and New Jersey ranked below Massachusetts in number of TSA gun incidents per million departing passengers in 2013. Delaware, Hawaii, Maine and Vermont had no incidents at all.
US airports with more than five TSA gun incidents in 2013

DATA: Transportation Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration

Chiqui Esteban, Catherine Cloutier / Globe Staff