Globe Opinion news quiz, July 18, 2014

Were you paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of tolling, newly discovered water mites, and the goings on of former Panamanian dictators. Tweet your results to @GlobeOpinion.

  • Manuel Noriega, the former Panamanian dictator who was removed by the United States in a 1989 invasion, sued the maker of the video game "_______" on Tuesday. In the suit, Noriega accused the firm of using his image without permission and portraying him in the game as a "kidnapper, murderer, and ______."

    Answer: C. Noriega, 80, is seeking damages and a cut of the game's profits.
  • Beginning on Monday morning, the Tobin Bridge will no longer accept toll payments in _______, ending a tradition that began when the bridge opened in 1950. As recently as 2012, there were still ________ such transactions on the bridge.

    Answer: C. Instead of requiring drivers who don’t have an E-ZPass to pay a cash toll, the state will begin scanning the license plates of passing cars and mailing bills to drivers.
  • Australia’s Senate voted Thursday to repeal the nation's tax on _______, fulfilling a campaign promise made last year by the country's recently elected prime minister, Tony Abbott. After the vote, the leader of the opposition, Bill Shorten, whose Labor party instituted the tax in 2012, called Abbott "_______."

    Answer: B. Critics said the tax had caused electricity prices in Australia to soar.
  • Amanda Longacre, who won the Miss Delaware competition last month but was deposed a few weeks later when pageant organizers determined she was too ________, filed a $3 million lawsuit against pageant officials this week seeking reinstatement. In the lawsuit, Longacre said that after taking away her crown, pageant officials "offered to make it up to her by ________."

    Answer: B. Longacre will turn 25 before the end of the year, missing the cut-off for entrants.
  • On Friday night, City Hall Plaza will host an event called "A Celebration of Summer: The ___________ Memorial Roller Disco Tribute Party" for the first time. According to the city's press release, "two of Boston's most famous ________" will make an appearance to help honor the late Boston-born '70s icon.

    Answer: D. Attendees must provide their own skates, or rent them on-site.
  • On Tuesday, scientists in Puerto Rico published a paper announcing a newly discovered species of _______, which they named after the singer Jennifer Lopez. First observed in 2010, the species will go by the scientific name _______.

    Answer: B. The tiny mite is found at depths of about 230 feet in the waters between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
  • WEEI radio host Kirk Minihane provoked a firestorm of criticism Wednesday when he lambasted ________ on "The Dennis and Callahan Show" for _______. "What a b----! I hate her! What a gutless b----! Seriously, go away. Drop dead,” Minihane said.

    Answer: A. Minihane later apologized for his comments.
  • Continuing a tradition that began in the 12th century, English officials this week conducted its annual census of ________ on the Thames River. The exercise is overseen by an official known as the Queen's _______, who dresses in ceremonial red attire for the occasion.

    Answer: B. By law, English mute swans belong to the monarch. Last year's count found about 1,000 of the birds on the stretch of the river surveyed.
  • A man in western Connecticut was arraigned Monday on charges that he used a butcher knife to stab a __________. Police said the man, Carmine Cerveillino, 49, carried out the attack in a "_________ manner."

    Answer: B. Cervellino faces charges of second-degree threatening and disorderly conduct after a woman said he had left the stabbed watermelon on the kitchen counter in an effort to intimidate her.
  • On Thursday, the city released a scathing audit of the Boston Redevelopment Authority that showed the agency had failed to collect millions of dollars in rent from various properties it owns. The largest debtor was Pappas Enterprises, a South Boston developer who owes the city ________; however, state campaign-finance records show that executives and employees of the company did manage to scrape together _______ in political donations to former mayor Tom Menino since 2007.

    Answer: D. According to the Globe, Pappas could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.