Being Bill Belichick: Choose your own Patriots 53-man roster

Being Bill Belichick
The Patriots began training camp with 90 players. By the end of camp, that number will be trimmed to 53. Think you can select the ideal Patriots team like coach Bill Belichick? Try our simulator, where you choose the players at each position and find out how you fared with a video analysis from Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy.
Build your own roster
Being Bill Belichick
Select your roster by clicking on players to add them. Then click on "Submit My Team" to see how good you are at being Belichick, based on individual player ratings by the Globe sports staff. Make sure to make 53 picks, and reach the minimum number of players for each category, or your team will not be evaluated.
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Players needed: 53
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You weren't serious with these picks, right?
Making the playoffs will be a long shot with this squad. You made too many mistakes putting this team together.
There are a lot of questions about this squad. You've got some playmakers, but it's going to be challenging to cover up some of the holes in your talent level.
This team has a lot of potential. There are savvy veterans and some good young players. But does it have enough difference-makers to win in January?
Expect this team to be playing in February. You've chosen the right blend of veterans and young players to create a winner.
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Minimum 2 | Recommended range: 2-3
Running backs
Minimum 4 | Recommended range: 4-6
Wide receivers
Minimum 5 | Recommended range: 5-7
Tight ends
Minimum 2 | Recommended range: 2-4
Offensive linemen
Minimum 6 | Recommended range: 8-10
Defensive linemen
Minimum 6 | Recommended range: 7-10
Minimum 5 | Recommended range: 5-7
Minimum 8 | Recommended range: 8-10
Special teams
Minimum 3 | Recommended range: 3

Luke Knox, Sean Leahy, Joe Moore, Chiqui Esteban, Russell Goldenberg/Globe Staff