Capital quiz: Attorney general edition

Many Massachusetts attorneys general have also played other notable roles in politics and beyond. See how many you remember.

  • He or she was the first African-American attorney general of any state and later became a US senator.

  • He went on to become secretary of defense, US attorney general, and ambassador to the United Kingdom under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

  • He served in the House of Representatives and then lost a Senate race to John F. Kerry before becoming state attorney general.

  • The state’s first female attorney general, she ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2010.

  • He was Middlesex district attorney general before being succeeded by Martha Coakley. He then became attorney general — and was, again, succeeded by Coakley.

  • He was preceded as attorney general by Scott Harshbarger. Before that, he was preceded by Harshbarger as Middlesex district attorney.

  • After serving as attorney general, he lost a race for governor to incumbent Governor Paul Cellucci. He then served as president of the public interest organization Common Cause.

  • He served as lieutenant governor in the 1960s before serving as attorney general in the 1970s and ’80s. He also ran unsuccessfully for governor several times, losing to John Volpe, Kevin White, and John Silber.

  • This attorney general from the early ’70s sought the Democratic nomination for governor in 1974 but lost to Michael Dukakis.

  • He served just 16 days in 1967: from the time Edward Brooke resigned the office to take a seat in the Senate to the time Elliot Richardson took office.