More grandparents raising children in opioid epidemic

Babies born to opiate addicts are increasingly being raised by grandparents, whose lives are now upended.

Senator Brian Joyce (center) was an attorney for Organogenesis and celebrated its groundbreaking in 2010.

Brian Joyce thrives at the edge of a fuzzy boundary

The state senator from Milton has frequently blurred the lines between his public duties and his private business.

// Needham High principal resigns amid investigation

The principal was placed on administrative leave in April after he was targeted in a complaint regarding workplace conduct.

One dead, one injured in Mass. Pike rollover

The crash occurred in Westfield around 7:55 a.m. when the driver of a van lost control, police said.

Woman killed in Worcester hit and run

Officers questioned a suspect at his home by following a trail of automotive fluid from the scene of the crash.

// Southie skeptical about bid for 2024 Olympics

The politically potent neighborhood has a long history of fighting change.

// Olympic bid faces daunting foreign rivals

Paris, Rome, and Hamburg offer much that Boston does for the 2024 Games — and maybe more.

// Baltimore mayor lifts curfew 6 days after riots

The curfew began in Baltimore on Tuesday following riots after the death of Freddie Gray.

The Mahmood family (from left) Shahla, Muhammad Nisar, Hamza, and Farah, and family friend Debra Portmann.

Fighting the lure of the galaxy of jihad

The Justice Department has launched a program in Boston to counter the lure of violent extremism spread by social media.

Yvonne Abraham

// Turning point is coming for transgender rights

We might have made strides on gay rights, but it’s still an ugly world for people who don’t fit the sex they were born into.

Rescuers find 3 survivors in Nepal days after quake

Two men and a woman were pulled from the rubble near Syauli village earlier this week.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

The sculpture was erected Sunday morning over the Greenway.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

The floating sculpture spans nearly half an acre and rises to 365 feet.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

The work shimmers with hues of orange andmagenta.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Artist Janet Echelman looked at her sculpture. Michael Nichols, community affairs manager with the Greenway, is at left.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Nadine Bonda of Cambridge and Tom Shapiro of Belmont watched. Bonda’s son, Clayton Binkley of Seattle, was chief engineer.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

The sculpture was reflected in a nearby building.

Alex Lancial/Globe Staff

Workers looked at the net in its box on Sunday morning.

Alex Lancial/Globe Staff

The sculpture was raised carefully using cranes.

Alex Lancial/Globe Staff

The netting weighs 2,000 pounds with rope 15 times stronger than steel.

Giant floating sculpture rises over the Greenway

The sculpture spans nearly half an acre and ascends 365 feet at its highest point.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (left) and Manny Pacquiao traded blows during Saturday’s welterweight unification bout.

Mayweather defeats Pacquiao in unanimous decision

Floyd Mayweather improved his record to 48-0-0, winning the most anticipated bout in years.

Josh Hamilton is working his way back from shoulder surgery at the Rangers’ spring training complex in Surprise, Ariz.


Rangers show they still believe in Josh Hamilton

In hindsight, the former MVP should never have left Texas for a megadeal with the Angels.

Marshall's Darryl Roberts was 43d out of 47 defensive backs selected in the 2015 NFL Draft — and the only one taken by the Patriots.


Patriots still thin at vital position of cornerback

Having not made the position a priority in the draft, they are going to have to ride Tom Brady again.

One AFC scout compares Titans first-round pick Marcus Mariota to NFL quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Tannehill.

Mark Humphrey/Associated Press

Ben Volin | On Football

Assessing the NFL Draft, from start to finish

Drama was lacking, but Marcus Mariota’s development will be interesting to watch.

Stacey Woodruff is living in Lynn’s Tent City after spending the winter in the woods behind the Walmart in Salem.

Steven A. Rosenberg

Here, the American Dream passes them by

Lynn’s Tent City is the end of the line for people who have burned their connections to the outside world.

Pat Rogers (left) and fellow Boston police Officer Jennifer Penton at a June 2012 event.

Kevin Cullen

After anguish of suicide, Pat Rogers’s family finds purpose

The late officer’s family wants to start a conversation among the people who need to have it most.

// Study says fathers involved at home are happier at work

A Northeastern study shows men feel less stress when they have increased interaction with their children.

Matthew Teitelbaum with patrons’ comments at an Art Gallery of Ontario show.

With new chief, MFA may see novel changes

After spending some time at the Art Gallery of Ontario, it’s hard not to think the MFA will undergo a cultural shift under Matthew Teitelbaum.

Marathon trial podcast

// Episode 24: Friends, classmates, teachers recall Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

This interactive timeline highlights trial coverage and a podcast featuring Globe columnist Kevin Cullen and WBUR reporter David Boeri.


L. Kim Tan

// Gaining new appreciation for Singapore’s titan

Lee Kuan Yew’s greatness was in realizing early his vision for Singapore and seizing the day.

The Big Picture

Drew Angerer

The Big Picture

Unrest in Baltimore

Violence filled the streets of Baltimore on Monday following the funeral of Freddie Gray, who died from injuries suffered while in police custody.