//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2014/10/01/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/aaron150-10505.jpg Police feared Hernandez phone could be altered remotely

A trooper was ordered to wrap it in aluminum foil or put it in a metal can when it was collected from Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers.

SJC dismisses lawsuit against Children’s Hospital

The lawsuit claimed the hospital prevented the disclosure of a doctor’s alleged abuse.

Bridgewater State kept recent alleged campus rapes secret

School officials are defending their decision not to inform students about two alleged assaults last month.

A security gate at Camp Edwards, where the three Afghan Army officers had been taking part in a training exercise.


Fearing death, 3 Afghan soldiers sought asylum

“They catch us, they kill us,” said one of the soldiers who disappeared from a Cape Cod training exercise of the Taliban.


Time to pile on the reeling Patriots

Listening to the fallout from Monday’s loss made your ears bleed. It was a field day for Patriot haters.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick must figure out how to solve his team’s many problems.


ben volin | on football

What the Patriots should have done in the offseason

There were many moves the Patriots could have made that might have made things better for a team now at 2-2.

The tentatively titled West Station is meant to help overhaul the huge swath of land near the Allston-Brighton tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

New transit station could transform Allston area

The $25 million project would allow Allston commuters to take the train to the Back Bay, South Station, and possibly Kendall Square.

High Island is a small, uninhabited island a mile off the coast of St. George, Maine

Costly sales on Maine’s coast end access to cherished sites

As islands pass to real estate developers and billionaires seeking the ultimate getaway, they are increasingly off-limits to the public.