House passes $694m border bill

The GOP legislation passed 223 to 189 tonight on a nearly party-line vote.

James Lacourse (left), Steve Paulenka (second from left), and Tom Gordon (right) at a meeting in mid-July.

Market Basket halts pay to senior employees

The company’s CEOs sent letters threatening to withhold pay from middle managers unless they show up for work on Monday.

// Role of political outsider reconsidered

Gubernatorial hopeful Donald Berwick, the newest newcomer, is struggling to get traction.

// Israel pushes deeper into Gaza in search for abducted soldier

At least 140 Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers were killed in the fierce fighting that quickly shattered a cease-fire.

Above: Jessica Means by the piano in her family’s home that she played when she was a child. Top right: Means in her operating room scrubs after surgery.

Lane Turner/Globe Staff

Jessica Means chooses medical school, and music

Everyone told her she had to choose between med school or being a professional pianist. She picked both.

After trading John Lackey (left), Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes and others, the Red Sox swapped players with an average age of 32 for players with an average age of 27.

Evan Horowitz

In baseball, 30 is over the hill

The Red Sox took a chance in trading away older but proven stars like Jon Lester and John Lackey, but the numbers are on the team’s side.

Innovation Economy

// Is Bose up to a challenge from Apple?

When Apple announces it is entering your business, it’s a bad day for any executive. For Bose president Bob Maresca, that day came on May 28.

// Freed Sudanese woman begins new life in N.H.

Meriam Ibrahim drew global attention when she was sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her faith.


opinion | ward sutton

// Arizona to Mexico?

New York-based cartoonist and illustrator Ward Sutton examines immigration along the US-Mexico border.


Movie Review

// Goofballs in space in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Marvel hooked us on a screwy feeling months ago, and here they make good on the tease.