Video purportedly shows beheading of Steven Sotloff

A spokesman for the family said they had seen the video but authorities have not established its authenticity.


Steven Sotloff risked life to document a terrible war

We couldn’t save Sotloff. But we can ensure that his apparent death was not in vain.

An image from the Blue Hill Observatory showed clouds rolling into the city.

Blue Hill Observatory

Thunderstorms begin to march across the state

The weather service is warning of potentially torrential downpours and localized flooding.

Crashes on Mass. Pike cause afternoon delays

Construction, crashes, and an increase in motorists led to delays on Interstate 90 Tuesday.

MIT fraternity suspended after woman falls from window

The suspension by the fraternity’s international organization came after the woman fell Sunday night.

Andrew Medichini/Associated press

Crux | John L. Allen, Jr.

Hard questions we’re not asking Pope Francis

Due to his charisma, the Pope sometimes gets a free pass on the sort of questions any other leader would attract.


// Passwords used to access celebrity photos, Apple says

The statement from Apple aims to dispel concerns that hackers were able to break into its iCloud service.

// New Market Basket stores could take months to open

Arthur T. Demoulas said his goal was to have two or three stores under development open by the end of the year.

On Monday, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was excited to announce he was ready to play against the Dolphins. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia, File)

Bill Belichick tempers Rob Gronkowski’s excitement

Gronkowski announced Monday he was ready to play, but Belichick didn’t sound as optimistic.



// Cool summer doesn’t invalidate climate change

If climate change is real, then how come last winter was so long and our summer so cool? It’s because our perspective is skewed.


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