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A priest’s son takes his case directly to the Pope

He thought he was alone, being the child of a Catholic priest. He was wrong.

// Children of Catholic priests live with secrets and sorrow

A Globe review finds the children are often denied love and support and pressured to keep the scandal secret. And the church has done absolutely nothing to help.


// Youngest Boston Marathon bombing victim is remembered at park’s groundbreaking

Hundreds gathered Wednesday to celebrate Martin Richard’s legacy and break ground on Martin’s Park near the Boston Children’s Museum.

The map uses colored dots to represent levels of education for residents age 25 and older: blue for graduate degrees, green for bachelor’s degrees, yellow for some college, orange for high school, and red for less than high school.

Where are Boston’s most educated neighborhoods?

Check out this interactive map that uses colored dots to represent levels of education for residents age 25 and older.

John Medlar, an organizer of Saturday’s “free speech rally” on Boston Common.

‘Free speech’ rally in Boston gets its permit — with stiff restrictions

“No weapons, no backpacks, no sticks,’’ Mayor Walsh said. “If anyone gets out of control — at all — it will be shut down.”

Mookie Betts (second from right) is mobbed by teammates after delivering a walkoff double in the ninth.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff


Mookie Betts delivers dream finish in Sox win

His two-run double capped a three-run ninth-inning rally to give the Sox a sweep of the Cardinals.

// Fifty years later, 1967 remains a game-changer for Red Sox

The “Impossible Dream” team delivered one more memorable moment at Fenway Park.

The first pitch at the Red Sox game didn’t quite go as planned

Jordan Leandre’s first pitch was just a bit outside, and a photographer was the recipient.

The Daily Stormer, the white supremacist website that promoted the Charlottesville rally and called 32-year-old rally victim Heather Heyer ‘‘fat’’ and ‘‘childless,” is listed as having two chapters in Massachusetts.

Where hate calls ‘home’ in Massachusetts

There are at least 12 organized hate groups in Massachusetts, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

// Fate of Massachusetts’ only Confederate memorial still uncertain

The memorial on Georges Island has been boarded up since June 16, an official said.

// Making pot edibles is easy. Following the rules is hard

Marijuana-infused product manufacturers, which make a highly regulated product, face more challenges than most.

Fallout from Charlottesville


What Trump’s words say about him

President Donald Trump spoke to the press about protests in Charlottesville in the lobby of Trump Tower on Tuesday.

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

The Trump on display Tuesday was indeed the real Donald Trump, someone who is at the very least accepting of ethnic hatred and white bigotry.


// Trump comments on race open breach with CEOs, military, and GOP

President Trump found himself increasingly isolated in a racial crisis of his own making on Wednesday.

// Who are ‘antifa’ activists and how do they operate?

Antifascist organizers argue that white supremacism is so dangerous that it has to be confronted directly with force or it will spread further into the mainstream.

Michael A. Cohen

// Americans must demand Trump’s resignation

A man who can’t exist beyond his own ego cannot effectively lead this nation.

// Shutting up the alt-right

Sometimes even a free speech fanatic like me is forced to admit that the correct answer is “shut up.”

// Hundreds carry lit candles across UVA campus against white nationalism

They sang ‘‘God Bless America’’ and the ‘‘Star-Spangled Banner’’ before invoking in unison the civil rights era anthem ‘‘We Shall Overcome.’’


// Researchers strive to create beating Band-Aids for the heart

Damaged heart tissue doesn’t just heal like a scraped knee — it needs a little help from tissue engineers.

The path of totality will cross the United States Monday morning into the afternoon.

Dave Epstein

Skies are forecast to be clear in Northeast during eclipse

Clouds would obscure the eclipse. But a high pressure system is forecast to produce clear skies in New England.

// Can’t find solar eclipse glasses? Grab a box and get crafty

Stores are selling out of the necessary safety eyewear for viewing a solar eclipse. Here are some alternatives.


// Documenting Hate: Submit an incident you know about

If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate incident, share your information here so we can investigate.


// White nationalists flock to genetic ancestry tests. Some don’t like the result

With the rise of spit-in-a-cup genetic testing, there’s a trend of white nationalists using these services to prove their racial identity.