‘Pam family scams’ spawning new revelations

Kyle Pam (L) speaks with his father Rolando (R) before his arraignment on real estate fraud charges in Suffolk Superior Court last week.

Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe

Both state and local investigators are looking into the family’s dealings. There’s a lot to look at - but what took so long?

Shirley Leung

// The Boston Pops fireworks show needs to change

Boston’s Independence Day party is a tricky one for corporate sponsors, who don’t usually like one-day events.

// An urban ritual marks life, loss, and love of cycling

Since a Cambridge songwriter and activist was killed on her bike in March of last year, a Facebook group has put together four memorial vigils.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

// What can the EU gain from Brexit?

The UK’s departure from the European Union may represent the next crisis-as-opportunity.

// Trump’s conspiracy theories find an audience

Conspiracy theories have always been part of the American political landscape and are believed by more than half of the public.

// CVS pays $3.5m to settle claims it filled fake painkiller prescriptions

Pharmacists in Mass. and N.H. filled hundreds of forged prescriptions at the height of the opioid crisis.

Commuters boarded an inbound MBTA Commuter Rail train.


How will the MBTA fare increases affect you?

The MBTA has increased prices almost across the board, and the fare hikes are going into effect Friday.

// Police captain’s son charged with plotting ISIS-inspired attack

A man who allegedly plotted attacks at a university has been indicted on new charges, including trying to provide support to the Islamic State.

7,000 baby turkeys die in Lancaster barn fire

About 7,000 turkeys died in a barn fire in Lancaster on Thursday, a breeding farm said on its Facebook page.

03ideas Russian composer Igor Stravinsky poses in Boston Jan. 12, 1944, as he prepares to conduct his own arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner to be performed by the Boston Symphony Jan. 14 and 15. Stravinsky said he kept the national anthem's melody the same, but changed the harmony. (AP Photo/Abe Fox)

Abe Fox/AP

IDEAS | Carly Carioli

Did the Star-Spangled Banner land Stravinsky in jail?

Boston police kept tabs on a modern composer in Symphony Hall.

// A legendary puppeteer lends puppets for free

In the basement of a Back Bay church, an award-winning puppeteer presides over one of Boston’s best-kept secrets.

// In a first, self-driving car driver killed in Florida collision

The driver of a Tesla car using the ‘‘autopilot’’ automated driving system died in a collision with a truck in Florida last month.

// Judge grants new trial to Adnan Syed of ‘Serial’ podcast

A Baltimore judge has granted a new trial to a convicted murderer at the heart of the popular “Serial” podcast.

// Theater, but no ruling, in Redstone competency hearing

A legal stage with 43 lawyers—and billions at stake.

Book Review

// The dark story behind Hemingway’s ‘Sun’

“Everybody Behaves Badly” argues that the classic “The Sun Also Rises” is a memoir that Hemingway wrote to settle old grudges.

// The ozone hole of Antarctica is shrinking, scientists say

Three decades after nations worldwide banned damaging chemicals, the ozone hole over Antarctica has begun to heal.

Jay Peak Resort.

Lisa Rathke/Associated Press

Vermont reaches $5.9m settlement in ski resort probe

The settlement was related to a fraud investigation of real estate developments at two ski resorts, including Jay Peak.

// A voyeur tells stories of his motel, and Gay Talese feels duped

The legendary writer overlooked a key fact in his latest book.

// June swoon: Red Sox looking for answers

A dismal month was a total team effort — pitching fell off while the offense slipped into a collective funk.

Things to Do

// The Weekender: Fireworks, Dylan, and a friendly giant

Everything fun to do around Boston over the Fourth of July weekend.

Opinion & Ideas

IDEAS | Derrick Rossignol

// Why Gene Simmons doesn’t get music

When it comes to top songs, the decades define us.

Globe investigations

Families in fear

The state’s plan to close psychiatric hospitals has had unintended consequences.

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ‘Spotlight’

“Spotlight” is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.