The other sides of the Arthurs

Despite their public personas, neither Arthur T. Demoulas nor cousin Arthur S. easily fits the role of hero or villain.

Arthur S. DeMoulas. (Mark Wilson/Globe Staff)

Mark Wilson/Globe Staff/File

Arthur S. shows generosity and resolve

Detractors portray him as combative and money grubbing, but that’s not how those who deal with Arthur S. see him.

 Arthur T. Demoulas, who seeks control of the Market Basket chain, has had the public image of a kind-hearted executive. Court papers also revealed a tougher side.

Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff/File

Arthur T.’s personal touch can cut both ways

While he’s been cast as a hero in the dramatic Market Basket stageplay, court documents and transcripts of board meetings reveal a tougher side.

Marian Ryan said she was not required to release the report.

DA withheld 19 pages of Jared Remy report

The previously withheld pages include summaries of interviews with prosecutors and victim advocates.

Market Basket customer Larry Ballard from New Hampshire spoke at a rally Saturday outside of the Tewksbury store.

Final Market Basket bid by Arthur T. Demoulas expected Friday

It was unclear whether any other bidders would also submit final offers.

Latin Academy is one of the city’s exam schools.

3 administrators at Latin Academy placed on leave

The Boston School Department is investigating allegations of harassment, discrimination, and intimidation.

This September 2012 photo posted on the website shows journalist James Foley in Aleppo, Syria.

Search for James Foley consumed family, colleagues

A mission that began nearly two years ago was a highly organized effort in what ultimately proved to be an unsuccessful quest to free him.

// Speeding up the fight against Ebola, other diseases

There is now tantalizing evidence that vaccines against killer viruses can be made faster and cheaper than previously believed.

Weekly poll

Voters aren’t eager for more charter schools

Voter support for more charter schools in Massachusetts appears to be weak, according to a new Boston Globe poll.


opinion | James G. Stavridis and Dave Weinstein

// NATO needs strong policy against cyber threats

Cyberspace has rapidly emerged as an attractive alternative for nations to pursue military objectives.

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