Fairmount Line ridership has tripled since 2012, study finds

Transit advocates hope the study’s findings persuade transportation leaders to provide more frequent trains on the line that runs through Dorchester and Mattapan.

The Trump presidency

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Politics/Images/aafaea3b88024cbc9959b9abe0d8dd85-aafaea3b88024cbc9959b9abe0d8dd85-0.jpg Trump’s White House unveils ‘biggest tax cut ever’

The plan does not propose any budget cuts or tax increases that might offset the lost revenue.

Richard North Patterson

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/673427924-3524.jpg Tax cuts are GOP’s weapon of choice in class warfare

Cue the tax fairy, that mythical figure who turns tax cuts for plutocrats into a boon for all.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Business/Images/b7b0d220974b45f19d9eba3dbbbb44d6-b7b0d220974b45f19d9eba3dbbbb44d6-0.jpg Trump weighs order that would begin withdrawal from NAFTA

President Trump has not made a final decision, but if he were to sign the executive action, it would start a 6-month process to begin withdrawal.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/National/Images/AFP_NW1ZX.jpg US Senate briefed by White House on North Korea threat

All 100 senators were invited to Wednesday’s classified briefing at a building next to the White House.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/07/21/BostonGlobe.com/Business/Images/suarez_15biogen(1)_BIZMAG_001-4983.jpg Biogen’s former CEO left as a very wealthy man

George Scangos, who stepped down in early January, got $17.7 million, plus a $7.2 million severance payment, and stock options valued at $25.7 million.


Capital Source

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2013/06/19/BostonGlobe.com/Sports/Images/170871407.jpg Jacobs family, owner of TD Garden and Bruins, gives $13,000 to Walsh

The Buffalo-based family that owns the TD Garden and the Bruins just gave $13,000 to Mayor Walsh’s political committee.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/ryan_gargae2_biz.jpg Boston councilors back Winthrop Sq. skyscraper proposal

Council members voted 10-3 to rewrite 25-year-old laws restricting shadows on two historic parks.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2015/09/18/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/ryan_casino6_met.jpg Opponents of casino on Martha’s Vineyard file appeal

The Aquinnah tribal chairwoman dismissed the appeal as “a last-ditch effort” to block the tribe from achieving “economic self-sufficiency.”

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/driscoll-10498-10502-knJC--90x90@BostonGlobe.com.jpg Salem mayor spots ‘eerie’ face in lamppost light

The creepy visage appears to be scowling, with their brow furrowed at the passersby below.

Aaron Hernandez

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/24/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/3dcb9d99bf7f4f70967b0bb922da0c0f-3dcb9d99bf7f4f70967b0bb922da0c0f-0.jpg Prison where Hernandez died still on lockdown

The state’s maximum security prison has been in lockdown since Monday while a search for contraband is underway, the Department of Correction said.

A funeral service was held for Brockton High School student Isaias Caban.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

They lost their son in a car crash. Then, they presided at his funeral.

The parents of a Brockton teenager who died in a car crash led his funeral ceremony inside their church.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/25/BostonGlobe.com/Business/Images/GettyImages-480918933.jpg Bain’s Irish pub crawl: The Boston firm is a significant lender in Europe

The Boston firm’s overseas lending deals include real estate, hotels, and even pints of beer.



//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Sports/Images/18596f43c78a4dceb0b10a39f93886c3-18596f43c78a4dceb0b10a39f93886c3-0.jpg Koji Uehara returning to the scene of his prime

Now with the Cubs, he could be in for an emotional reunion with the Fenway fans, who embraced him here.

Bulls at Celtics | 8:30 p.m. (CSN, TNT)

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Sports/Images/05924705.jpg Rajon Rondo out for Game 5 of Bulls-Celtics series

The Chicago guard, who has a fractured thumb and torn ligament, is not hopeful for Game 6, either.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/03/07/BostonGlobe.com/Business/Images/4efa11516dff4717ba8bcf234f826455-4efa11516dff4717ba8bcf234f826455-0.jpg Ed Werder, Jayson Stark among several high-profile ESPN layoffs

The sports network laid off approximately 100 employees, including several on-air talents.

PORTSMOUTH, NH - APRIL 10: Scott Brown formally announces his candidacy for U.S. Senate April 10, 2014 at Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Brown, a former U.S. Senator in Massachusetts, recently moved to New Hampshire, and will look to take on incumbent U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Darren McCollester/Getty Images/file 2014

Yvonne Abraham

Scott Brown’s long-awaited win

Well played, future Ambassador Scott Brown. You gambled, and you won big.

Appreciation | Ty Burr

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/05929178.jpg Jonathan Demme will be remembered far beyond ‘Philadelphia’

In person, he was eternally youthful; his films fizzed with uncontainable life. His passing is a shock, and a real loss for American movies.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/27fugitive.jpg Man lights up by ‘no smoking’ sign in T station. Transit Police find he is wanted in 2 states.

The man, identified as 38-year-old Peter Moniz of Fall River, is wanted in two states for financial crimes, Transit Police said.

Bill Cosby, pictured departing a pretrial hearing earlier this month in Norristown, Pa.


Ahead of sexual assault trial, Bill Cosby tries to buff up his image

The 79-year-old comedian has launched what appears to be a major public relations campaign to repair his reputation.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/05868335.jpg JFK diary sells for more than $700,000

A JFK collector from Beverly outbid one other live and six telephone bidders in a packed house for the 61-page diary.

Trump Today

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/672984204.jpg ‘See you in the Supreme Court!’

The president took to Twitter to lash out at the court that blocked his effort to cut funds off from sanctuary cities.

Opinion & Ideas


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/vennochi-3515.jpg What was Ivanka Trump doing on that panel anyway?

Why should anyone consider her a champion of female empowerment?

Special reports

Summer of ‘67

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/06/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/jim.jpg The summer that changed Boston

The nation was splintering, and Boston wasn’t immune. But something was happening here.


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An afternoon recap of the day’s most important business news, delivered Monday through Friday.

Address: Spring House Hunt

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/06/BostonGlobe.com/Lifestyle/Images/realestate.jpg Advice on taking real estate photos from a Pulitzer-winning photographer

In America, everyone who has a cellphone thinks they are a professional photographer. They are not.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/03/03/BostonGlobe.com/Foreign/Images/AFP_MB3WQ.jpg Documenting Hate: Submit an incident you know about

If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate incident, share your information here so we can investigate.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/04/26/BostonGlobe.com/National/Images/Docs.jpg A state-by-state breakdown of the striking gender gap in doctors’ pay

Pay for female doctors varies widely, but a new report says women are always paid significantly less than men.