Some Bostonians ready to defy space-saver removal

Many Bostonians say they plan to keep their savers right where they are. Pictured: A spave saver on Columbia Road in South Boston.

David L. Ryan, Globe Staff

With more snow on the way, many residents are putting their foot down despite the city’s intention to remove space holders Monday.

BOSTON Ñ 2/27/2015: An ice dam forms along the walls of Church of the Covenant on Newbury Street. Temperatures remain below average for the month of February. (Sean Proctor/Globe Staff)

Boston close to breaking snowfall record

Today’s snowstorm could push the city’s total to match, or beat, a record 107.6 inches set in the winter of 1995-96.

Skyhook alleges that Google illegally used its technology that employs Wi-Fi signals to calculate the locations of millions of smartphones and tablets.

Skyhook patent cases against Google nears trial

The Boston company alleges Google used its technology employing Wi-Fi signals to calculate the locations of smartphones.

Woman shot in bed in her Lowell home

A 38-year-old woman was in critical condition after she was shot early Sunday morning by assailants who were targeting someone else, officials said.

Boston’s skyline slated for changes like never before

Boston is in the midst of a building spree whose enormity, pace, and geographic sweep are redefining the city’s appearance.

State Police officers and family members gathered in Cambridge Sunday on the 20th anniversary of a helicopter crash that took the lives of two troopers and two telephone company technicians.

State Police honor four who died in helicopter crash 20 years ago

About 50 troopers, family members, and friends gathered at the site of the crash in Cambridge Sunday.

The pop art master drew and wrote words on his All Stars.

Converse launches artistic ad campaign

The Mass.-based company will showcase how Chuck Taylors worn by creative types became a medium for self-expression.


‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ author opening a Plainville bookstore

Jeff Kinney will take a gamble and launch his Massachusetts retail experiment this summer.

Fort Myers, FL - 02/22/15 - Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Justin Masterson (63) and pitchers started the day with conditioningdrills. Red Sox Spring Training. (Barry Chin/Globe Staff), Section: Sports, Reporter: Peter Abraham, Topic: 23Red Sox, LOID: 8.0.2717390732.


Red Sox’ Justin Masterson is eager to prove himself again

The Sox got the pitcher on a one-year, $9.5 million deal, and know about his considerable character.

The Rosen family had been anchored in haverhill for a century. from left: emily and andy rosen, grandmotheresther rosen, nate auger and his wife, emily rosen auger (Andy’s sister), and joel and shaw rosen (their parents).

3 generations, 3 states, 7 transactions, 1 year

The decisions didn’t come easily, but they reflected the ways our lives had changed over the decades, often without us stopping to take notice.



Don’t sweat, the commas

The perfectionism of proofreading also shows that it’s possible to overthink anything.

In Anchorage (left) 4th Street was barren of snow, unlike Boylston Street in Boston on Valentine’s Day.

Boston stole Alaska’s snow, and they want it back

With less than an inch of snow in Anchorage in February, the joke on the streets is the city swapped winters with Boston.

Tanisha Arthur of Stoughton was among the many candidates at the Patriots Cheerleaders’ auditions.


Patriots hold cheerleader tryouts

Young women descended on Foxborough to try out for the squad.

globe magazine

7 things every kid should master

A noted Williams College psychologist argues standardized tests are useful, if they measure the abilities students really need.

The Big Picture

Toru Hanai/Reuters

Roll out the barrels

As demand for oil rises, photographers worldwide document how the barrels are used once the fuel is gone.