Boston executive, daughter killed in Wis. plane crash

Milwaukee County firefighters and law enforcement responded to the crash site Wednesday night.

Rick Wood/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP

Joseph Trustey and his daughter, Anna, died in a single-engine plane crash while traveling to the Midwest to visit colleges.


//[2]-8519--90x90.jpg Amid book scandal, tech firm HubSpot cleans house

One executive was fired, another resigned, and a third was sanctioned after an attempt was made to obtain an upcoming book about the company.

Tanya Hall, a longtime friend and neighbor of Grisel Sanchez, paused at a memorial Wednesday where she was killed.


Shooting victim, a mother of three, was bystander

The gunfire was not meant for 31-year-old Grisel Sanchez, according to officials, but it did not matter.

//[1]-8508--90x90.jpg Powerful thunderstorms expected this afternoon in Mass.

The storms could carry heavy rain and gusty winds across the region amid the sticky summer heat.

// Plane debris in Indian Ocean same type as MH370, official says

Investigators concluded the object came from a Boeing 777, making it likely that it was from the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that disappeared.

The Deflategate ruling

//[1]-8499[1]-4597--90x90.jpg Is Patriots’ aggressive Deflategate stance a smart play?

Robert Kraft’s public challenge to the NFL seems to jeopardize his status as an influential owner.

Tom Brady posted a statement on his Facebook page in which he said that neither he nor anyone in the Patriots organization did anything wrong.

Ben Volin | on football

Arguments by Kraft, Brady weren’t totally convincing

There are still inconsistencies in the Patriots’ explanations on Deflategate that warrant exploring.

At a hastily called press conference on Monday morning, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said he will not sign a host city contract until he knows more about the financial picture of the proposed games.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Yvonne Abraham

Will Mayor Walsh be hurt by the Olympic debacle?

Voters have a right to expect a more measured and thoughtful Walsh from now on.

//[1]-6938--90x90.jpg Olympics chief, Walsh trade barbs over failed bid

IOC president Thomas Bach accused the city of “confusing” behavior in its 2024 host city bid.

Nick Cafardo | On baseball

// With Red Sox a complete joke, all you can do is laugh

Just try and enjoy the show as the Red Sox kick the ball around, don’t cover bases, and pitch like Bozo the Clown.


// Groups diving deep into Doomsday scenarios

Boston and Cambridge are sprouting think tanks that are devoting their brainpower to preparing for the technological crises of the future.

// Medford mayor promises ‘decisive action’ after taped stop

Detective Stephen LeBert stopped a motorist while off duty and said he could “put a hole” in the driver’s head.

Children ate lunch at Roger Clap Innovation School in Dorchester.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff/File

Boston public schools working to upgrade the cafeteria

Proposals by the School Department and a community advisory council aim to provide students with healthier dining options.

// Former Celtic Vin Baker working at a Starbucks in R.I.

Baker, who was a four-time NBA All-Star before his career was derailed by alcoholism, is training to become a manager.

// Top officials critical of Ohio officer indicted on murder charge

Some of the sharpest criticism of the officer after the slaying of an unarmed black man came from law enforcement.

//[1]-8485--90x90.jpg Court reinstates ex-Bulger handler’s conviction

Former FBI agent John Connolly’s murder conviction for the 1982 shooting death of John Callahan had been overturned in 2014.

// Mullah Mohammad Omar, Taliban leader, said to have died in 2013

The obscure, one-eyed zealot led the Taliban from its beginnings as a band of student insurrectionists.

The Big Picture

A boy plays during breaktime at the Senator Obama primary school in the village of Kogelo, west of Kenya’s capital of Nairobi on July 16. US President Barack Obama visits Kenya and Ethiopia this month.

Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

The Big Picture

Obama’s ancestral home

President Obama visits Kenya and Ethiopia this month. His ancestral home of Kogelo is home to Sarah Hussein Obama, his step-grandmother.


Tech Lab | BetaBoston

// With Windows 10, Microsoft gets back on track

After one of the biggest fiascos in its history, Microsoft is back on track with its new operating system.


// ‘Kandhamal’ tells whole story of anti-Christian persecution

What happened to the Christians of Kandhamal, India, in 2008 almost defies belief. Here are six of their stories.