Recusal call clouds Gary Sampson case

Concerns over Judge Mark Wolf’s interactions at a film festival have disrupted one of the city’s most high-stakes federal cases.

The 25 largest banks based in Greater Boston have increased commercial real estate lending nearly 40 percent over the past three years.


Real estate lending’s pace raises red flags

The competition for deals is so fierce that banks are relaxing lending standards and waiving standard protections.

Ben Volin | On football

// The Deflategate drama keeps chugging on

Tom Brady and Roger Goodell are both due in court Monday, and the sides still aren’t close to a settlement.

// Many Boston councilors attend few hearings

Those pushing hardest for big raises have had the worst attendance at council hearings, a Globe analysis shows.

Peabody stabbing victim came to US to flee Brazil violence

Elivelton Dias, 38, had moved to Salem in 2002, looking to start a new life in the US.

Jami King and her husband, Landis Masnor, delivered flowers to the memorial where Anita Kurmann was fatally struck by a tractor trailer earlier this month.


Fixes set for deadly Back Bay intersection

New striping will be painted and flexible posts will be installed at the corner where Anita Kurmann was fatally struck.

Adrian Walker

// He was just trying to make Haiti better

Family and friends are still in disbelief after the killing of former Boston police officer Yves Damberville in Port-au-Prince.

// Pollack finds herself on other side of Green Line debate

Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack for years had pressured officials to uphold their commitments to such projects.

// Holyoke begins school year with an air of hope

Despite resistance to a state takeover of the city’s schools, some are cautiously optimistic about the system’s new leader.

Inspectional Services chief William Christopher and spokeswoman Lisa Timberlake examined a dwelling on Chester Street in Allston where inspectors found more than 30 violations on Sunday.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Housing inspectors sweep through student enclaves

Neighbors want more enforcement for code violations at apartment buildings housing students, not just a once-a-year crackdown.

// Pokémon game lures all ages to its lifestyle

The arrests this month over an alleged plot against the Pokémon World Championships in Boston has raised questions.

Stat | pharmalot

// Examining drug issues in depth

A new weekly column takes a look at the bio-pharmaceutical industry — which is, indeed, fascinating, but also highly complicated.

The Red Sox are playing better, and there’s David Ortiz’s pursuit of 500 home runs. Above: He crossed the plate after No. 494 Sunday.

Nick Cafardo | On baseball

Red Sox want to play the role of late-season spoiler

Getting out of last place and finishing .500 are other things on the team’s to-do list.


She can’t stand the mother of her daughter’s best friend

She wants to preserve the children’s friendship, but doesn’t want the other mom in her life as a friend.

The New Bedford terminal received and stored wind turbine components from manufacturer Gamesa for its wind farm in Plymouth.

Rose Lincoln for the Boston Globe

$113m New Bedford marine terminal sits largely idle

The site, built with state bonds to be a staging ground for a wind farm in Nantucket Sound, sits unused after Cape Wind cancelled its lease.

Tamed and Untamed

Dream on: from eels to rats to birds

No one has found REM sleep in fish — yet. But that does not mean they don’t dream.

Renée Graham

// Another grieving parent steps forward, while politicians cower

The men and women elected to serve our country can only offer empty empathy so long as they fear the wrath of the NRA.

// Another year, another eventful night at the VMAs

Taylor Swift won video of the year, Miley Cyrus briefly flashed one of her breasts, and Kanye West ranted at the MTV Video Music Awards.

President Barack Obama on Sunday said he's changing the name of the tallest mountain in North America from Mount McKinley to Denali.

White House says Mount McKinley to be renamed Denali

Alaskans sought to change the name despite opposition from those in President McKinley’s home state of Ohio.

Ground Game

// Why Joe Biden could skip N.H. if he runs for president

The rationale for Biden to skip Iowa and New Hampshire is this: He would enter in the race too late to compete in those states.

Opinion & Ideas

John E. Sununu

// Obama’s attack on Koch brothers is personal

This was about President Obama demonizing his enemies.

The Big Picture

AFP/Getty Images

10 years after Hurricane Katrina

President Obama visited New Orleans to mark progress the city has made before the anniversary of the hurricane.


Innovation Economy

// Is the tech party coming to an end?

Investors have had a rollicking time putting money into tech and biotech startups. Are they getting ready to split?



// In Nigeria, a chance for fellowship

The fellowship of suffering in the New Kuchingoro camp illustrates one of the least appreciated aspects of the Boko Haram story.