US, other nations strike ISIS targets in Syria

The strikes were by fighter jets, bombers, cruise missiles, and drones, officials said.

ISIS calls for attacks on civilians

The militant group’s spokesman said it welcomed the possibility of a ground war with the US, and called for attacks at home and abroad.

Major Jan Mohammad Arash, Captain Noorullah Aminyar, Captain Mohammad Nasir Askarzada.

Missing Afghan soldiers detained at Canadian border

The three men went missing from a training exercise at Joint Base Cape Cod over the weekend.

Patients criticize Patrick over lack of marijuana clinics

Some seeking access to medical marijuana said they may sue the state government over delays in opening dispensaries.

US takes action against companies moving overseas

The actions are a response to a spate of companies that have shifted overseas in an attempt to shirk US taxes.

The fire in Hyannis where an 8-year-old child died.

Robert Bastille/

Boy, 8, is killed in shed fire in Hyannis

Authorities said the fire in a shed was likely an accident.

Charlie Baker earned the support of Jack Connors, a longtime Democrat.

Charlie Baker snags support of Jack Connors

Connors, a longtime Democrat, will host an Oct. 6 fund-raiser for Baker, the Republican gubernatorial nominee.

In this 2007 photo, the sun sets behind the BICEP2 telescope, foreground, and the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica.

Was it just dust? Cosmic inflation discovery uncertain

New data raise doubts about what was considered smoking gun evidence in favor of the theory of cosmic inflation — the “bang” of the Big Bang.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti spoke Monday.

Ravens did not provide ‘misinformation’ about Ray Rice, team owner says

Steve Bisciotti disputed a report that Ravens leadership pressed the NFL to be lenient on Rice.

Eleanor Ballentine, 90, gets a meal delivered from Allan R. Miller of the organization Ethos. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff (The Boston Globe.

Malnourishment among elders undetected in ER

Many seniors who go to the emergency room may be suffering from poor nutrition. Now researchers are wondering what to do about it.