Back Bay canals? Ideas for a Boston beset by rising seas

Sea rise could bring a Clarendon Canal and other flood controls.

The canal system was among the more imaginative solutions in a new report about preparing Boston for climate change.

Overblown Facebook personas can leave friends deflated

Studies have suggested that looking at idealized versions of our friends’ lives leaves us feeling more unhappy with our own.

// Coakley, Baker don’t connect with tech audience

The two major-party candidates for governor often spoke in generalities and left attendees in Cambridge craving substance.

The New England brain trust of (from left) Josh McDaniels, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick could only shout instructions to rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

On Football | Chiefs 41, Patriots 14

Is Tom Brady’s clock ticking faster than we thought?

The way Tom Brady has opened the 2014 season, the Patriots look smarter each day for drafting Jimmy Garoppolo.


// The Patriots have suddenly lost their Way

The Patriots right now are all out of “In Belichick We Trust” platitudes to explain their gaping roster holes.

Play of backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo a positive for Patriots

The rookie from Eastern Illinois threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski.

My Morning Cup

// How does James Rosen take his coffee?

The chief Washington correspondent for Fox News shares his coffee drinking habits.


Book review

// ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ by Lena Dunham

Dunham’s collection of essays is divided into sections on love and sex, the body, friendship, work, and “the big picture”.