UN council agrees on demand for Gaza cease-fire

The UN Security Council met at midnight to adopt the statement calling for an immediate truce.

Super PAC backing Grossman releases ad targeting Coakley

Martha Coakley’s campaign released a video in response.

Family of five found shot to death in Maine apartment

The bodies were discovered by a worker for the apartment complex, who called police around 1:24 p.m.

Professor Lori E. Baker placed her hand on one of the bodies taken from a paupers’ grave.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe staff

Searching for the unforgotten

Hundreds of people who have died crossing the southern border are buried without ceremony, casket, or name.

Black smoke was blasted from Craig Wedge’s Ford F-350 Power Stroke pickup truck.

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe staff

Diesel truck enthusiasts ‘roll coal’ to protest rules

Coal rollers disable or discard their trucks’ pollution controls and modify their engines to maximize power.

The second page of a document released by the US State Department allegedly shows self-propelled artillery on the Russian side of the border oriented in the direction of Ukraine.

Russia has fired rockets into Ukraine, US says

The US released images it says shows that rockets have been fired from Russia.

Susan Trachik’s 22-year-old son, Christopher, hanged himself in his father’s laundry room in January after two torturous years of heroin addiction.

Heroin deaths shock, mobilize Scituate families

Officials fear more fatalities before the region’s drug crisis abates.

By 2012, the average annual premium had climbed to $974, just $9 below the average in 2007, the year before the state opened the market to competition.

Auto insurance rates bounce back up

Despite the increase in premiums, the state says deregulation still brings benefits.