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A list of questions Patriots haven’t answered on Deflategate

The Wells report did not prove Tom Brady deflated footballs, but it did damage his clean-cut reputation.

Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff/File 2015

A long paper trail points squarely to a “deliberate effort to circumvent the rules.” Now Brady and the Patriots have to pay the price.

// Patriots ruled out of bounds (probably)

The Deflategate report said “it is more probable than not” that attendants deflated footballs and that Tom Brady knew it.

Tom Brady looked at the football as he went to the bench following Nate Solder's touchdown reception in the third quarter of the AFC Championship game.

‘The only thing deflating ... is his passing rating’

Texts about Tom Brady between Patriots employees were included in the report.

Interactive quiz

// How much do you know about Deflategate?

A news quiz about the investigation into Patriots footballs.


// More tarnish on Patriot legacy, this time tainting Tom Brady

With the release of the Wells report, nobody in Foxborough looks good, and Brady looks like a guy who broke the rules and lied about it.

// Judge rebukes police, prosecutors in ordering new murder trial

A judge said the investigation into the 1993 death of Detective John Mulligan was influenced by corrupt detectives and marred by prosecutorial failures.

Tech Lab

// Rebelling against the robocallers

Sick of cellphone spam? Time to fight back, with apps and online services that can filter out the worst.

10graduation - Cafe ArtScience. (Wayne E. Chinnock)

Congratulations, graduates. Now let’s toast.

It’s time to flaunt those tassels and celebrate with visiting family and friends, and here are some great spots to gather.

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Officials must follow law prohibiting the shackling of pregnant inmates

The practice continues despite a ban that was signed into law last year.

New England Institute of Art to cease new enrollment

The school in Brookline and 15 similar institutions across the country will close once students have completed their studies.

Justin Masterson failed to make it out of the fifth inning as he issued six walks to the Rays.



Red Sox lose series finale to Rays

Justin Masterson didn’t complete five innings as the Red Sox finished a nine-game homestand with a 3-6 mark.

// Developer’s plan to replace Harbor Garage with towers faces test

Some degree of public opposition persists, along with questions about the size and scope of the the towers.

Boston Chamber of Commerce gets new chief executive, chairman

Chamber officials said they want a new direction for the organization, one that embraces Boston’s shifting economic base.

Boston Marathon bombing trial

Aerial photo of the ADX federal supermax prison in Colorado.

Tsarnaev defense paints a picture of prison life

Lawyers said Tsarnaev could end up in supermax, but prosecutors argued that there is no way to know for certain where he will be assigned.

Mikhail Young was arraigned this week on a fugitive from justice charge.

Footage places son at murder scene, official says

The bodies of a Sudbury couple were found with multiple stab wounds by a maid at a St. Thomas resort, an official said.

Sanj Patel, center, President and CEO of Synageva BioPharma Corp., attends the opening bell ceremony at Nasdaq with colleagues and guests, Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 in New York. Synageva, based in Lexington, Mass., develops drugs for patients with life-threatening rare diseases. (Mark Lennihan/Associated Press)


Sale of Lexington biotech highlights expensive mergers

The drug development company Synageva brought a 135 percent premium even though it has no products on the market.

Tornado destroys homes near Oklahoma City

Tornadoes also were spotted in Kansas and Nebraska. Buildings were damaged, but no major injuries were reported.

Marathon trial podcast

// Episode 27: Tsarnaev defense turns to Chechen history

This interactive timeline highlights trial coverage and a podcast featuring Globe columnist Kevin Cullen and WBUR reporter David Boeri.



// Boston’s Olympic bid could lead to swimmable Mystic River

In its current state, the Mystic is not exactly the face that Greater Boston wants to showcase to the wider world.

The Big Picture

Georgiy Samsonov (L), Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters

The big picture

Berlin battleground—70 years later

Decades after the Battle for Berlin, photographer Fabrizio Bensch unearthed pictures by a Red Army photographer that depicted a city at war’s end.