Boston submits its bid for Amazon, aiming for 50,000 jobs and a transformation

The owners and management of Suffolk Downs will discuss their plans for a resort development.

David L Ryan/Globe Staff

Boston’s 218-page pitch leans hard on the region’s intellectual firepower and offers up Suffolk Downs as a site whose ease of development outweighs its distance from the heart of the city.

Shirley Leung

// For Amazon, is Suffolk Downs the right fit?

The mayor made the soon-to-be shuttered horse track that straddles East Boston and Revere the prime location for Amazon’s second corporate headquarters in Boston’s pitch to the online giant.

// In East Boston, Amazon bid stirs anxiety as well as excitement

As Boston and Revere bid to bring Amazon to Suffolk Downs, there’s a sense of excitement — but also worry about gentrification and congestion.

// Could the Amazon bid finally connect the T’s Red and Blue lines?

The city’s pitch to bring Amazon’s second headquarters to Suffolk Downs relies in part on transit projects that are not even in the pipeline.

Smartphones and tablets are now ubiquitous playthings among young Americans.

Gerald Herbert/AP/file 2011

My own iPad? Yeah, I’ve got that, say 42 percent of American kids

While kids, on average, are spending about the same amount of time with screens as they did in 2011 — about 2 hours and 20 minutes — the big change is which screen they’re watching.

// A Puerto Rican family gets sick baby to Boston for treatment

Amaia Isabel Garcia Andino, 14 months, arrived in Boston Friday to undergo treatment for a serious heart ailment at Boston Children’s Hospital.

// Veteran pilots swap war stories, barbs over weekly breakfast

Every Thursday the Fairway Restaurant plays host to a group of older aviators from the Cape Area Pilots Association.

// Watertown-based athenahealth laying off about 500 employees

The company said the job reductions would amount to 9 percent of its workforce, but it did not say how many of the cuts would come from Watertown.


// The sweet, long life and sad, inevitable death of Elwood Adams Hardware

The city of Worcester is pulling out all the stops to lure Amazon here. But there are no tax breaks, no big wet kiss, for the Elwood Adams hardware store. And so it will close.


// Bruins break out to beat Canucks

Patrice Bergeron had a goal and three assists in his first game of the season.


// TNT covered Gordon Hayward’s injury with utmost professionalism

TNT brought the viewer into the arena and captured the emotions of those in the building.

// Alex Rodriguez tried to put a Yankees jacket on David Ortiz. It didn’t go so well

David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez may be colleagues now, but Ortiz has no intentions of supporting his former rival’s team any time soon.

// White nationalist Richard Spencer drowned out by protesters

Counter demonstrators greatly outnumbered white nationalist Richard Spencer’s supporters on Thursday at the University of Florida.

President Trump reportedly told Myeshia Johnson (center), widow of Sergeant La David Johnson, a combatant killed this month in Niger, that her husband “knew what he signed up for.”

WPLG via Associated Press

Gold Star families say they want to move past politics

Families who have lost loved ones in combat are asking America’s politicians on both sides of the aisle to stand down.

// Charlie Baker slams Trump over comments on fallen soldier

The governor said the exchange president had with the family of Sgt. La David Johnson and the follow-up “was incredibly disgraceful and discouraging and depressing.”

// George W. Bush’s unmistakable takedown of Trump

Speaking at the George W. Bush Institute in New York, the former president didn’t use President Trump’s name, but his target was clear.

// Trump on his Puerto Rico response: ‘I’d say it was a 10’

President Trump said that a ‘‘fantastic job’’ was done under the circumstances: ‘‘I would give a 10,’’ he repeated.

// Obama tells Democrats to reject politics of division, fear

‘‘Some of the politics we see now we thought we put that to bed,’’ President Barack Obama said. ‘‘That’s folks looking 50 years back. It’s the 21st century, not the 19th century.’’

Faces obscured to protect identities

Photo of black child leashed by white students prompts apology from Bridgewater officials

School officials in Bridgewater apologized Thursday after a classroom photo that appeared to show two white third-graders holding a black child by leashes caused outrage.

Yvonne Abraham

// They raised $24,000 for a friend with cancer. Turns out, she wasn’t actually sick

When a Brookline woman told her friends and family she had cancer, they mobilized, at one point raising $24,000 for her. But it turns out she made it all up.

// State Health Connector sharply raises 2018 rates

Before President Trump’s announcement last week, the increase had been set at about 8.7 percent. Now, it will be rising 24 percent next year.

Fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal

// Lupita Nyong’o recounts Weinstein massage encounter

The Oscar-winning actress says she had an encounter with Harvey Weinstein in 2011 at his home in Connecticut.

Allegations of sexual harassment and assault by Weinstein were disclosed this month in The New York Times and The New Yorker.

‘I knew enough to do more than I did’

Quentin Tarantino now feels ashamed he did not take a stronger stand towards Harvey Weinstein and stop working with him, he said in an interview.

// The Season Ticket podcast

Host Chris Gasper joins Pete Abraham to discuss the search for the new Red Sox manager and presents a special report on corruption in the NCAA.

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// Nurse’s aide plays video games while a vet dies at VA hospital

The Bedford VA hospital admitted its care for Bill Nutter was not “up to our standards,” but the reality was uglier. Now, the FBI is investigating.

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// EU must intervene in Spain’s ‘Catalexit’ crisis

Spain took steps on Thursday to crush Catalonia’s destabilizing bid for independence, one of the most severe political crises the country has faced in the last four decades.

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The Amazon bid

newsroom commentary

// Dear Jeff Bezos: Come and help us build a better Boston together

An open letter to the owner of Amazon, proposing a true partnership that rewrites the relationship between a city and the big companies that call it home.


// How a kidney stone taught me that medicine has changed me

To me, a kidney stone wasn’t really a big deal. But to my husband, it was a family crisis.


// Play the crossword

Puzzled? Keep trying and see if you can triumph.

Real Estate

What is it like to live in Windsor?

The town Nathaniel Hawthorne once described as a “bare, bleak spot fit, for nothing but sheep’’ is still largely off the grid (broadband is available only in town buildings).