Tornado hits Worcester

The tornado snapped and uprooted trees Sunday night, some of which landed on cars and homes, but no injuries or deaths were reported.

// Inauspicious timing of Atlantic City’s woes for casino supporters

Specialists see implications from casino closures in New Jersey for gambling in Mass.

Customers examined meat products at the Burlington Market Basket.

Zack Wittman for the Boston Globe

At Market Basket store, returning to life

Seasoned crews are restoring vibrancy to the Burlington store.

As students move in, city vows vigilance on safety

A set of stiff realities has kicked in as thousands of students return to America’s college capital this week.

Ryan Mallett didn’t complain about his Patriots backup QB role, but he didn’t excel in it, either.

Ben Volin | On football

Return for Mallett shows how teams view QB

The Patriots got the equivalent of a bag of footballs and 20 rolls of athletic tape from the Texans in the Ryan Mallett trade.

“I don’t think there’s a single senator sitting there trying to punish our diplomats, but that’s the impact. Countries wonder whether we mean what we say about the strength of the relationship when we don’t even send them an ambassador,” Secretary of State John Kerry said.

Senate infighting stalls nominations for ambassadors

The number of nominees awaiting confirmation now stands at 55 out of 226 positions.

When something medically goes wrong

Each year in Massachusetts hospitals, hundreds of patients are injured because of serious medical errors and other safety problems.


endorsement | Democratic primary

// Maura Healey for attorney general

The Globe’s editorial board says Healey has a clear focus on the core responsibilities of the office.


// Painting your house an unusual color

If you’re confident about your color choice, own it — no matter what the neighbors say. These homeowners did, and they couldn’t be happier.