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Secrets in the sky: A flight plan for failure

There is a troubling pattern of lax oversight by the FAA that has made the agency vulnerable to fraud, and the public vulnerable to those who mean to do harm.

Secrets in the Sky | Part 1 of 2

// Lax FAA oversight leaves US exposed

With lax FAA oversight, the United States remains an easy mark for terrorists and others who prize anonymity when registering aircraft or getting licensed to fly. So much for the lessons of 9/11.

Patriots 36, Texans 33

Ben Volin

//[1] This rally ranks near the top of Tom Brady’s greatest comebacks

The Patriots were stuck in neutral on offense, but Brady pulled out a 36-33 win over the Texans.

Ben Volin | On FOOTBALL

// Tom Brady: The politically correct miracle man

Brady, silent on protests, let his game do the talking in spearheading another great comeback.

Trump’s NFL comments stretch into a fourth day

Trump praised football fans who booed kneeling players as well as NASCAR, which saw several team owners issue warnings this weekend not to protest.


Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

The data debunk the Taxachusetts myth

Compared with the rest of the country, taxes here are pretty average.

// Student trapped in Ind. cave for 58 hours licked water off the walls

Lukas Cavar screamed for hours, hoping to get someone’s attention. Bats, salamanders, crayfish and beetles were his only company.


// Pope Francis’s abuse panel to look into children of priests

The committee is expanding its workload in the wake of last month’s Globe Spotlight report.

Red Sox 5, Reds 4

// Red Sox whittle magic number to clinch AL East to 3

Mookie Betts smacked a double in the eighth inning to tie the game, then scored the winning run on an infield hit.

Arroyo fiercely denies harassment claims

Felix G. Arroyo, who was health services chief, responded to claims of sexual harassment in a document filed with a state panel investigating the case.

Brynn Saltsman played in the Harvard Science Center fountain earlier in the summer.

Nicholas Pfosi for the Boston Globe

Near record heat possible in Bay State today

Hot and humid weather returns for the first part of the week and forecasters say temperatures in some areas away from the ocean could peak around 90 degrees.

// Health care bill teeters as GOP adds money to woo dissident senators

In a late stab at attracting votes, Republicans added extra funds for states of dissenting GOP senators like Maine, where Susan Collins all but closed the door on voting for the bill.

// Survey finds strong national support for ‘dreamers’

Majorities of Americans support deportation protections for younger undocumented immigrants and oppose the building of a border wall.

// Jared Kushner used personal e-mail for some work messages

Kushner used his personal account on dozens of occasions to communicate with colleagues in the White House, his lawyer said.

// Venezuelans, North Koreans targeted by new travel ban

President Trump’s edict, which would go into effect Oct. 18, also would apply to citizens of Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

// Uber CEO apologizes to users for company’s mistakes

The new CEO of Uber has apologized for past mistakes just days after London’s transport authority said it would scrap the company’s operating license.

// Can Mass. courts force sobriety on drug users?

The state’s high court will hear a challenge next month to rules that force those on probation to stay clean — or end up behind bars.


// This week in weed

Witness the birth of the marijuana industry in Massachusetts and catch up on national pot headlines every Saturday.

Fall Arts Preview 2017

Fall Arts preview

// A guide to the best of what to see and do in Boston

A complete guide to movies, music, books, arts, theater, and family events in the Greater Boston area this season.

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// Free the craft brewers

The restrictive laws governing beer distribution in Massachusetts need to change.

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// Whistle-blowers at N.H. VA hospital are tip of iceberg

In 2016, VA employees filed nearly 2,000 complaints with the Office of Special Counsel — more than the next four most-complained-about departments combined.


// To advance precision medicine, NIH turns to long-mistreated communities

The agency hopes to recruit more than a half-million people from communities that are wary of clinical research.


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