Plane makes emergency landing in Chelmsford

A plane experienced mechanical problems and had to land in a field.

Chelmsford Police Department

A small aircraft had to land on the Chelmsford High School softball field, officials said.

// Survivor haunted by losses from deadly Lowell fire

Minh Ngo Van said he has had trouble sleeping since losing two roommates in yesterday’s blaze.

Azamat Tazhayakov is on trial for obstruction-of-justice charges in the investigation of the Marathon attacks.

Tsarnaev friend disliked suspect’s older brother

Azamat Tazhayakov actively avoided Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to testimony at the 20-year-old’s trial.

Alvin Smith held up a poster across the street from Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena heralding the return of LeBron James.

Dan Shaughnessy

LeBron James, the Prodigal Son

Four years ago, LeBron Hate ruled the day. Now, he is loved throughout the land, especially in Cleveland.

Golf buddies charged with insider trading

The seven friends allegedly made more than half a million dollars by sharing information about a local company.


Gambling: an American love/hate story

Behind the Massachusetts casino kerfuffle is a country that’s always been torn about whether to trust Lady Luck.

Big Baby is one of many pets at Boston’s embattled animal shelter.

Smell of bleach, air of hope at Boston’s animal shelter

The interim director said the city was taking steps to support staff at the overburdened pound.


// Take the Globe Opinion news quiz, July 11, 2014

Were you paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of public indecency in Uxbridge and old-timey presidential sexting.


// 2016 primary circus is coming to N.H.

A cluster of possible 2016 hopefuls is making the trek to New Hampshire in what some say is the most wide-open GOP field in memory.