US-Arab strikes hit ISIS strongholds in Syria

The strikes were part of the expanded military campaign that President Obama authorized nearly two weeks ago.


// Obama was right to strike ISIS in Syria

The US strategy to contain ISIS cannot succeed without ultimately destroying the group in the place where it was created.

// Suffolk Downs says last day of racing will be Oct. 4

The track rescheduled its final day of 2014 — and possibly forever — for a Saturday so people can say goodbye.

// Patrick ousts two, with motive partly personal

Governor Patrick acknowledged that the sex offender agency shakeup was due in part to the handling of his brother-in-law’s case.

// Charlie Baker calls for Roger Goodell to quit

As headlines swirl with allegations against NFL players, the issue of domestic violence has found prominence in the governor’s race.

Timothy McDaid had pleaded guilty to theft from a charity in 2011.

Maynard Police Department

Only anonymous tip stopped official who took $739,000

Timothy McDaid was convicted of stealing from an Asperger’s charity, but kept it secret while he pilfered Maynard’s pension fund.


// On review, Patriots offense wasn’t all that bad

Yes, the line needs to improve, but Tom Brady spread the ball better vs. Oakland and there is a lot to build on.

// Afghan soldiers left Cape, headed for Canada

The mystery surrounding their whereabouts drew national attention and sparked concerns about the three men’s motives.

Carlos Ramos (left) and Francisca Alvarado, immigrants from El Salvador, have permission to stay in the United States, but immigration officials are trying to deport their son Carlos (with his back to camera).

US deporting children of parents allowed to stay

The Obama administration is deporting the children of adults they have allowed to remain in the United States.

Lauren LaFortune (left) of Winchester sailed off North Beach in Chatham. Kate E. Iaquinto (right), a marine biologist at the Eastern Massachusetts National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

On Monomoy Beach, it’s kiteboarders vs. piping plovers

Federal authorities want to ban the sport on the beach, saying the plovers perceive the kites as predatory birds, prompting them to abandon their eggs.


Book review

//,Daphne(C)TinaTurnbow.jpg ‘The Fame Lunches’ by Daphne Merkin

Merkin’s essays showcase a fearless intelligence, although one that might be a bit too intense to take in all at once.