Market Basket stores spring to life

Market Basket workers restocked the long-empty shelves.

joanne rathe/Globe Staff

“The customers have supported us non-stop for six weeks, so we owe it to them to get this place back together,” one worker said.


// Reports from Market Basket stores

The latest, notable developments from across the region.

PACs are now in Mass., so get ready for high-priced attack ads

Super PACs, free to raise unlimited sums from corporations and unions, have landed in Massachusetts politics.

President Obama spoke at a White House press conference Thursday.

Obama plays down prospect of strikes in Syria

President Obama said dealing with Islamic State militants would take assistance from partners in the Middle East.

Passenger unhappy over seat reclining forces diversion of Paris-bound flight to Logan

A man was arrested after an air marshal subdued him during the flight, officials said.

live updates

// Patriots face Giants in New Jersey

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots wrap up the preseason with a game at MetLife Stadium.

It’ll be Jimmy Garoppolo’s show Thursday night against the Giants.

ben volin | on football

What to watch for in Patriots preseason finale

Jimmy Garoppolo is expected to play a lot, along with many other Patriots’ backups.


Movie Review

// Duo jab life, each other on ‘Trip to Italy’

“The Trip to Italy” is a follow up to 2010’s “The Trip” with solid belly laughs, and a few moments that reach a pitch of sublime lunacy.