Man convicted of killing South Boston woman

Timothy Kostka was found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2012 slaying of a 67-year-old woman in her apartment.

The SUV hit an interior cinder block wall.

Walter Meireles

SUV injures 8 inside auto auction building

At the time of the crash in Framingham, a 78-year-old “contract driver” was moving a BMW that was on display inside.

Everett man arrested by FBI in murder-for-hire plot

The suspect allegedly planned to wear a mask that would disguise himself as a black man when he committed the execution in NYC.

// Amid boom, Boch cashes out while Chambers expands

Two of Boston’s famous auto dealers, Ernie Boch Jr. and Herb Chambers, are taking different paths in the flourishing market.

//[1]-1559--90x90.jpg US ending $500 million program to train Syrian rebels

The beleaguered Pentagon program failed to produce any kind of ground combat forces capable of taking on the Islamic State.

FBI stats show crime dropped in Mass. in 2014

Both violent crime and property crime dropped across the state last year, according to data.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy abruptly took himself out of the race to succeed John Boehner as House speaker.

Republicans meet amid turmoil of House speaker race

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s stunning withdrawal from the race for speaker dashed expectations of an orderly succession.

// 1 killed, 3 injured in Northern Arizona University shooting

An overnight confrontation between two groups of students escalated into gunfire Friday.

// In wake of Oregon shooting, Obama weighs executive action

President Obama is seriously considering circumventing Congress to impose new background-check requirements.

AP/file 2011


Should we jail bankers when all else fails?

Nobody’s figured out a better way to imbue Wall Street bankers with a deeper sense of the common good.

// Secular dilemmas show up at beach along French seaside

The jarring juxtapositions of the bikini-clad and the fully clothed casts into high relief the state of France in 2015.

A growing numbers of real estate operators are sponsoring Hubway stations, including at Post Office Square and Fan Pier in the Seaport district (above). The stations provide a dose of sustainable-economy cachet, as well as convenience.

Hubway service proving popular with Boston’s landlords

The bike service is the latest must-have cool amenity and a number of real estate operators are sponsoring stations.

//[1]-8801--90x90.jpg Emerson social media campaign looks to reel in Chris Evans

As part of an assignment, David Gerzof Richard’s students are aiming to get the actor to speak with them in person.


// Lou Merloni is deserving of Red Sox radio job

Lou Merloni has been a superb utility player on the broadcasts. It’s time to make him the regular.

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 21: Xander Bogaerts #2 of the Boston Red Sox slaps high fives after a grand slam to retake the lead in the eighth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park on September 21, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

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Peter Abraham

What is the trade value of each Red Sox player?

Only two players appear untouchable. Here’s a look at the potential return for the rest of them.

Old Stone Orchard’s apples are ripening in Little Compton, R.I.

So many places to go for apples in New England

Forget the mealy cafeteria Red Delicious and grocery store Granny — it’s autumn in New England.

// In Mass., 22 companies received permits to fly drones

Companies are taking advantage of the technology during rescue missions, scientific research, or even real estate sales.

ty burr

// Who will give us the next National Lampoon?

Hopefully there’s a new National Lampoon or Spy lurking around the corner in a form as yet unknown.

Opinion & Ideas

Mike Ross

// Let the bubbly flow on Boston Common

It’s time for the city’s central play space to catch up with the times.

Ground Game

// N.H. millennials and politics: It’s complicated

There are two key concepts to understand when it comes to the millennial vote in New Hampshire.

The Big Picture

Mic Smith/Associated Press

Historic flooding in South Carolina

Residents face uncertainty as they cope with major flooding after record-settings rains.


Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

//[1]-4936--90x90.jpg A courtyard view of Boston’s tech economy

The courtyard behind the Charles Hotel holds a mirror to what we’re good at, and how we could get even better.


John L. Allen Jr.

//[1]-973--90x90.jpg Not winning Nobel won’t affect Francis as ‘Peace Pope’

If there’s anyone on the planet who really doesn’t need help attracting interest, it’s probably Pope Francis.