The Trump administration

W.H. officials helped give Nunes reports about Trump surveillance

The revelation that White House officials assisted in disclosing the intelligence reports — which Nunes then discussed with Trump — is likely to fuel criticism.

// Trump threatens Freedom Caucus: ‘Get on the team’

President Donald Trump warned conservative lawmakers in the House that a fight is coming if they don’t ‘‘get on the team, & fast.”

// President Trump complains about the NYT on Twitter, again

President Donald Trump is complaining again about his coverage in the New York Times in a tweet posted late Thursday morning.

Opinion | Eric Fehrnstrom

// In bid to block Gorsuch, Warren and Democrats overplay their hand

In vowing to block the Supreme Court pick, the Democrats invite bigger problems down the road.


// North Carolina lawmakers OK rolling back transgender law

North Carolina lawmakers passed a bill rolling back the contentious law and it is now headed for the governor’s desk.

// Russia disinformation campaign allegedly targets Paul Ryan

Russia experts are telling the Senate intelligence committee that Vladimir Putin hasn’t stopped his alleged disinformation campaign in America.


Michael A. Cohen

// For Democrats, two wrongs could make a right

Democrats once cursed GOP obstructionism, but now it may be their best political strategy.


// Kushner’s new post takes ‘Innovation’ from a buzzword to a buzzkill

Take a familiar, trite, or even half-baked idea, and give it a title with “innovation” in it. Presto! You’re Mark Zuckerberg 2.0.


// An Indonesian man disappeared. Then his body was found — inside a python.

A 25-year-old man who had gone missing from his village on Sunday apparently had been swallowed whole by a python.

Globe Magazine

Your home | Gardens

// Why this patio feature is all the rage in New England

Landscape architects point to this accessory as the number one outdoor design element this year.

Miss Conduct

// Advice: How does a fortysomething make friends in Boston?

A newcomer from a small town is tired of getting the cold shoulder. Miss Conduct sorts it out.



We took tiny-house living for a test drive with kids, and it drove us crazy.

The subject line of the e-mail I receive on the day of the trip is “Tonight: Serenity.” I can’t wait.

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// Spring storm could bring six inches or more in parts of Mass.

The stormy weather will arrive in Western Massachusetts Friday and slowly migrate into Boston.

Local politics

Capital Source

// Eventually, pregnancy protection bill became Beacon Hill priority

Nothing like a bit of bad press to nudge Beacon Hill legislators to get off the dime — six months later.


Protesters greeted a bus with anti-transgender messages in front of the State House.

David L Ryan/Globe Staff

Anti-transgender bus rolls into Boston, is promptly greeted by protests

The “Free Speech Bus,” which carries an anti-transgender message, was seen at City Hall and then the State House.

// Hernandez’ longtime sweetheart takes the stand

Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez seemed to frustrate the prosecution when she repeatedly said she could not recall details about her conversations with Hernandez.

// The 50 weirdest things people left behind in Ubers

The ride-hailing company, in an effort “to acknowledge Uber’s most forgetful riders,” released statistics on the most commonly forgotten items.

Red Sox


// Meet the 2017 Red Sox

The pitching staff should be better with the addition of Chris Sale, but who will fill the void left by David Ortiz?



// Eliza Dushku MIA from ‘Buffy’ reunion shot

The Watertown native wasn’t invited to the reunion photo shoot arranged by Entertainment Weekly to mark the show’s 20th anniversary.


//[1]-6404.jpg Gaming regulators approve sale of Suffolk Downs to developer

The owners of the track cleared a key hurdle on Thursday as they race to close on a deal to sell the property next month to a local developer.

// NBCUniversal plans a $125m headquarters in Needham

Three months after launching a new station, NBCUniversal is investing in a $125 million site in the Needham Crossing office park.

Munch Madness

// It’s the Final Four

We’re nearing the end of the tournament: Only four restaurants remain. Vote now for your favorite.

Trump Today

// Trump Today: Ivanka to become an unpaid government employee

Ivanka Trump’s role as an informal adviser with a White House office raised concerns with ethics experts, who said it would allow her to avoid some rules.

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// Nunes not up to the task of getting to the truth on Russia

Paul Ryan should replace Devin Nunes or support a select committee to oversee the investigation.


//$medium.jpeg Address: The week in real estate

Our weekly digest on buying, selling, and design, with expert advice and insider neighborhood knowledge.

Special reports

Special report | Part 1

Fleeing Syria for Trump’s America

The trip was over for these refugees. They had found a new home in Mass. But uncertainty lay ahead: Tomorrow, Donald Trump would be sworn in.


// Documenting Hate: Submit an incident you know about

If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate incident, share your information here so we can investigate.


// Transplanted eyes let tadpoles see through their tails

Researchers say the finding sheds light on how to connect implants and grafts to the body’s own wiring.