Two more storms headed for Mass.

The storms are set to hit Thursday and Sunday night, though they won’t have the impact of this week’s blizzard.

Piles of snow along the streets of Squantum framed Boston across Dorchester Bay.

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

After blizzard, a massive cleanup around the region

With roads mostly clear and transit running again, officials shifted attention to clearing sidewalks, train platforms, and parking lots.

// For some towns, snowfall broke records

Auburn, Hudson, and Lunenburg each got three feet of snow, the highest levels reported from the storm.

A home on Ocean Street in Marshfield was torn open from the storm.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Marshfield officials assessing damage from blizzard

Powered by the winds of the historic blizzard of 2015, the ocean breached portions of two sea walls.

// Mysterious figure seen clearing Marathon finish line in blizzard

The phrase “#WhoShoveledTheFinishLine” has grown popular on Twitter, and Boston Police are in on the search.

// Tiny island of Nantucket digs out from blizzard

Most people in Nantucket – which went completely dark during the blizzard – have their power back on.

// House moves to abolish Robert DeLeo’s term limits

New internal rules would abolish current restrictions that require the House speaker to step down in 2017.

Super Bowl XLIX

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady listens to a question during a news conference Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, in Chandler, Ariz. The Patriots play the Seattle Seahawks in NFL football Super Bowl XLIX Sunday, Feb. 1, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Mark Humprhey/AP

Battling a cold, Tom Brady looks forward to practicing

Brady, who sniffled his way through a media session, said “I’ll be good” as he prepared for the Patriots’ first practice of the week.

// The fans’ guide to Super Bowl XLIX

Where to watch, grab some grub, gear up, and show your team colors.


// Robert Kraft has picked a winner in Deflategate

Either Robert Kraft or Roger Goodell will take another legacy body blow when a Deflategate decision comes.

// Matt Patricia is brains behind Patriots’ defense

On Super Bowl Media Day, we set out to learn a little bit more about the team’s defensive coordinator.

Bob Guillemin, also known as “Sidewalk Sam,” created chalk and paint artwork in the streets.

Chitose suzuki/Globe Staff/file 2000

Sidewalk Sam, artist who turned streets into canvas, dies

Over the course of four decades, Bob Guillemin sketched his own entry into the city’s history.

Theoretical support found for ‘authentic altruism’

Harvard scientists are trying to explain a quirk of human behavior more often left to philosophers and psychologists.

// Romney built expensive homes after 2012 loss

Now that Mitt Romney is considering a third presidential bid, the monuments of his wealth could become a political inconvenience.



// We will take the lashes for Saudi blogger

Seven members of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom offered to share personally in the flogging.

The Big Picture

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

Massive snowstorm hits the Northeast

The storm blasted the region with wind-whipped snow that piled nearly three-feet high in some places.

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