Family of woman who fell from a party bus calls for answers

“We feel that there’s more to the story,” said a sister of victim Tracy Paniagua.

// Petitioners say judge should lose job over sex assaulter’s probation

Judge Thomas Estes recently sentenced a teenager to probation for sexually assaulting two classmates in April.

// Convicted rapist arrested after woman in South End is assaulted

The 31-year-old suspect allegedly attacked the woman just months after serving a prison sentence for a nearly identical assault nine years ago.

// Many who met with Clinton gave to her foundation

At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or spoke with Hillary Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her charity.


// Voters are getting it right on Clinton and Trump

This is a summer that has shown American politics at its democracy-affirming best.

Michael A. Cohen

// Clinton’s e-mail ‘scandals’ are pure fiction

Once you get past the breathless headlines, there’s no evidence of actual wrongdoing.

There’s been another ‘Wessie’ the snake sighting in Maine

Earl White doesn’t care what people say, he knows what he saw — he even took a picture of it.

New York Times’ Moscow bureau was targeted by hackers

So far, there is no evidence that the hackers — believed to be Russian — were successful.

//[1].jpg Troubled Brockton nursing home allowed to accept patients again

Regulators stopped admissions at Braemoor Health Center following the deaths of two patients and the discovery of a litany of problems.

// Scott Brown accused in Fox sex harassment lawsuit

A former Fox News host claims the former US senator made sexually inappropriate comments to her while on set, and put his hands on her lower waist.

// ‘Ghost bike’ taken down in Lincoln

The “ghost bike” was erected Sunday along a busy road in Lincoln, near where a cyclist was killed in a crash earlier this month.

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Young startup founders capitalize on freelance economy

With job opportunities that let you set your own schedule on the rise, the creators of Jobble saw an opportunity. Now, they’re seeing their simple job-matching idea take off.

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Christina Fagan, who founded a local knitting company, does some

Suzanne Kreiter\Globe staff

Netflix and knit? A weave and watch phenomenon

Some knitting enthusiasts are firing up a movie or television series and getting to work on a pair of, say, alpaca-wool socks.

// Liberal, Moderate, or Conservative? See how Facebook labels you

You may think you’re discreet about your political views. But Facebook has come up with its own determination of your political leanings.

// Lawmakers demand investigation of $100 price hike of life-saving EpiPens

EpiPen maker Mylan has become the new boogeyman of the pharmaceutical industry.

// Red Sox among teams scouting Tim Tebow’s baseball workout

Tebow, 29, has been working out with former major league Chad Moeller in hopes of being signed as an outfielder.

// How much do Patriots tickets cost this season?

New England Patriots home games remain the most expensive tickets on the secondary market for NFL games in 2016.

Foxborough, MA - 8/23/2016 - New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) looks at his thumb during Patriots practice in Foxborough. - (Barry Chin/Globe Staff), Section: Sports, Reporter: Jim McBride, Topic: 05Patriots, LOID: 8.2.4058393437.


Clearly, Tom Brady is itching to play

Being held back from snaps — even in the preseason — is not something the Patriots quarterback is used to dealing with.

TV Critic’s Corner

// The meanest ‘Seinfeld’ episode ever

“The Twin Towers” is indeed in extremely bad taste — and funny, too.

An Adelie penguin stood atop a block of melting ice near a French station in East Antarctica in this January 2010 photo.

Pauline Askin/REUTERS/file

A huge crack is spreading across one of Antarctica’s biggest ice shelves

Antarctica could lose a piece of ice that is nearly the size of Scotland.

// Starbucks can put as much ice in your coffee as it wants

A federal judge in California shut down a class-action lawsuit alleging the coffee giant misleads its customers.

// And then there was one. . .

One of the last two Howard Johnson restaurants will close in a couple of weeks, taking with it a slice of roadside Americana.

// Has avocado toast been replaced by avocado buns?

The world is divided into two camps: those who are OK with this, and those whom it fills with rage.

The times of year you’re most likely to get divorced

As it turns out, there’s a consistent seasonality to divorce filings, according to recent research.

Perspective | Magazine

// 10 things I wish I’d known before my daughter became addicted to heroin

I’ve learned that the way back is a gargantuan struggle and that many recover, but some never do.

Globe investigations

Private schools, painful secrets

// The unexpected price of reporting abuse: retaliation

The Globe found 15 instances of retaliation at New England private schools against students or employees who raised concerns about sexual abuse by staffers.

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ‘Spotlight’

“Spotlight” is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

The Big Picture

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Flooding in Louisiana

The residents of Louisiana continue to deal with the disastrous affects of historic flooding that killed at least 17 and destroyed about 60,000 homes.