Democrats relish battle with GOP over Medicare

Democratic lawmakers see a fight over the popular entitlement program for the elderly as an opportunity.

// You could see a lower property tax bill by the end of the year

Taxpayers who own and live in their homes would see their bill shrink under a plan to expand the residential exemption.

Pearl Harbor: 75 years later

Robert Greenleaf was a 19-year-old gunner’s mate third class in the US Navy when Japanese warplanes attacked Pearl Harbor.

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe staff

‘A date which will live in infamy’ loses resonance

A memory ingrained in the psyche of earlier generations has been softened by the passing decades.

// Frantic rescue underway in Indonesia as quake kills scores

After the magnitude-6.5 quake, rescuers rushed to see if survivors could be found.

// When it comes to screen time, parents take a ‘do as I say’ approach

Kids are facing limits on their time sitting in front of devices. That’s not the case for the grown-ups.

Governor Charlie Baker said he is making the cuts to remedy what his administration says is a gap between projected revenues and expected spending.

Governor Baker to cut $98 million to close state budget gap

The cuts will affect a range of programs, from health care for the poor to state parks.

// Cambridge blaze grew unusually fast, official says

Four minutes after the first 911 call for Saturday’s massive Cambridge fire, seven buildings and nine cars were engulfed in flames.

// Critics worry after Trump security chief fuels conspiracies

A former security official said she was ‘‘deeply troubled’’ by Michael Flynn’s tendency to promote fake news stories on his Twitter feed.

// Healey tries to buck up disappointed Democrats

Attorney General Maura Healey spoke in Arlington on Tuesday night to shell-shocked Democrats.

// New D.C. museum draws out emotions

At the National Museum of African American History, a group of Boston students gaped at the reminders of black tragedy and triumph.

Emerson students want more time to cross the street

Students want the city add five seconds to the crosswalk signals at Boylston and Tremont streets.

The power of will | Chapter 4

When finding a cure to cancer isn’t enough

A new drug trial leaves the Lacey family and Dr. Sholler with only one option: to keep going, with more sick children. But it would prove harder than anyone could imagine.

Things are on the fast track in the Globe building these days as Globe Santa’s in-house associates, led by front man Emilo Campos, hurry to fill some 20,000 packages of presents for delivery in time for Christmas Day.

Globe Santa

Santa’s friends have compiled a rich, century-long legacy of help

The Globe Santa program can trace its origins to an effort founded by the late Boston Post in 1910.

Chris Sale coming to Boston

Dave Dombrowski (right) and Red Sox manager John Farrell met the media Tuesday.

Alex Brandon/Associated Press


Dave Dombrowski is all in on 2017

Dombrowski has been criticized for giving up so many prospects, but he’s here to win championships.


// With Chris Sale, Christmas has come early in Red Sox Nation

True to form, Dave Dombrowski went for broke by dealing prospects for White Sox ace Chris Sale.


// A work of art from Maya Lin on Mass. Ave.

Novartis’ Cambridge facility is the most interesting new building in town.

Shirley Leung

// More cracks appear in the corporate glass ceiling

The number of public companies here with no female directors or top executives fell to 9 from 15, the Boston Club said.

Tourists from the United States sit in an old American car in Havana.

Will doors close on travel to Cuba?

The ambiguity surrounding president-elect Donald Trump’s policies on Cuba is causing anxiety among tourists and the travel industry.

Dining Out

// Oversize burgers and $11 cocktails: finding us where we live

Dorchester gets two new (and surprisingly similar) restaurants, Lower Mills Tavern and Lucy’s American Tavern.


// What sort of sentence for Boston’s fallen taxi cab king?

Prosecutors are asking a federal judge to send Edward Tutunjian to prison for at least two years.

Special reports

special report

Every doctor told the Lacey family their son would die — except one

Pat and Dina Lacey had been parents for only a few months when doctors discovered a tumor in their new baby’s chest. Told to take their son home to die, they put their faith in a young doctor who wouldn’t accept death as the answer.

Opinion & Ideas


// There is one China and one Taiwan. Let’s all stop pretending otherwise.

Taiwan is a sovereign, independent, civilized nation. There should be no hesitation about saying so, and treating it accordingly.

Life sciences

STAT, a national publication from Boston Globe Media Partners, covers health, medicine, and life sciences.


// The Desperate and the Dead: The ‘new asylums’

There may be no worse place for mentally ill people to receive treatment than prison, yet a growing number end up in the “new asylums.”

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ‘Spotlight’

“Spotlight” is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.