Mass. shines on global test, but math scores slip

In many cases, performance on the exams turned into a showdown between 15-year-olds in Massachusetts and Singapore.

Spotlight follow-up

// Senate committee demands ban on dual surgeries

Controversy over surgeons “running two rooms” has roiled Massachusetts General Hospital and spurred a national debate.

// Supreme Court sides with Samsung over Apple in patent fight

The justices threw out a $399 million judgment against Samsung for copying parts of the iPhone’s patented design.

The transition to Trump

// Boeing stock drops after Trump calls for cancellation of new Air Force One

President-elect Trump called the order for the new plane “ridiculous.”


// Why Donald Trump could save jobs but damage the economy

When you try to improve the situation in one place, you sometimes make things worse elsewhere.

// ‘Someone so full of life is gone’: Oakland tragedy reaches Mass.

Four people with deep roots in the Boston area were victims in the warehouse fire that killed at least 36.

// Standing Rock protesters remain wary despite apparent victory

Some couldn’t shake a lingering sense of trepidation, particularly after comments from the pipeline company and top Republicans.

// Could your children’s toys be violating their privacy?

Toys using Burlington-based Nuance Communications’ speech-recognition software are raising eyebrows.

Suspended Boston lawyer to be arraigned on 26-count indictment

Wassem Amin allegedly stole funds from clients and a former employer and opened credit cards in his colleagues’ names without their consent.

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Debate over digital tracking for truck drivers shifts into high gear

To help reduce the dangers of drivers over-extending their hours behind the wheel, a mandate is calling for the use of electronic log devices. But not everyone wants to go down that road.

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Jay Peak, Vermont (Caleb Kenna for the New York Times) Jay Peak, Vermont

Caleb Kenna

Globe Magazine

Vermont’s $200 million mountain of trouble

Ariel Quiros and Bill Stenger promised to save Jay Peak ski resort and the struggling economy around it. That’s not what happened at all.

// Teens allegedly were hanging out by the river when one beheaded the other

Mathew Borges, 15, was held without bail in the decapitation and death of a classmate.


// The unwritten code that some deaths are more worthy of attention

It’s sad that if 16-year-old Lee Viloria-Paulino had just been stabbed and left to die, his death would have passed with few taking notice.

The power of will | Chapter 3

Will Lacey’s cancer spreads, and his family chases a cure

The news the Lacey family feared the most arrived: Will had a new tumor. There was no telling how much time they had, or whether Will would live long enough for the cure they sought.

// Chris Kimball, America’s Test Kitchen battle gets uglier

The separation between the celebrity chef and the Brookline media company is becoming an expensive one.

02/29/16: Fort Myers, FL: Red Sox prospect Yoan Moncada tosses a ball to a fan as he heads for the dugout following an inning at second base. The Red Sox played their first two games of the exhibition season, taking part in two seven inning games vs. Boston College and Northeastern University at Jet Blue Park. (Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis) section:sports topic:spring training

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Alex Speier

After two years away, Yoan Moncada eager to visit Cuba

The Red Sox prospect will get to see his parents for the first time since he left to pursue pro baseball in 2014.

// Red Sox acquire relief pitcher from Brewers

Righthander Tyler Thornburg will come to Boston in exchange for Travis Shaw and minor-leaguers Mauricio Doubon and Josh Pennington.

// Pearl Harbor survivor recalls ‘the day I do not forget’ 75 years later

Robert Greenleaf was learning how to fire a machine gun in the US Navy on Dec. 7, 1941.

// Beyonce leads Grammy noms with 9; Kanye, Rihanna, Drake score 8

The announcements were made by Nantucket’s Meghan Trainor.


// Patriots pressured Jared Goff, but where has it been all season?

The Patriots sacked the rookie quarterback four times, their second-highest sack total of the season.

Special reports

special report

Every doctor told the Lacey family their son would die — except one

Pat and Dina Lacey had been parents for only a few months when doctors discovered a tumor in their new baby’s chest. Told to take their son home to die, they put their faith in a young doctor who wouldn’t accept death as the answer.

Opinion & Ideas


// Do as Donald says, not as Ivanka does

The president-elect is pledging to punish companies that take jobs overseas. His daughter’s company has already done that.

Life sciences

STAT, a national publication from Boston Globe Media Partners, covers health, medicine, and life sciences.


// The Desperate and the Dead: The ‘new asylums’

There may be no worse place for mentally ill people to receive treatment than prison, yet a growing number end up in the “new asylums.”

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ‘Spotlight’

“Spotlight” is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

Real Estate

This collector created a timeless feel inside her Beacon Hill home

For a gorgeously specific example of Art Deco styling, consider the furniture of Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann. With their precious woods and exotic fittings, the Parisian master’s creations embody the audacious elegance of his time.