Album Review

Joe Jonas, ‘Fastlife’


The middle Jonas brother flips the boys’ Disney reputation on its head with his club-oriented solo debut that suggests he lost his purity ring somewhere while counting his millions. The disc is sharply produced by Danja, among others, and is filled with propulsive electronic beats and plenty of sexual innuendo. A lot of it is very influenced by prime Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. The finer songs see Jonas’s blood pressure rising along with the pounding electro-pulse. Jonas isn’t the most flexible vocalist for this kind of material, but he manages to convince that there’s real hunger. With “Love Slayer,’’ he’s “nothing but trouble’’ and ready to take a tumble with a “stone cold dream stealer.’’ On the addictive “Make You Mine,’’ Jonas seduces a girl by promising, “I’ll blow your mind.’’ Cover Mickey’s ears. He’s savvy enough to mix the lovesexy bravado with an endearing honesty on the solid pop tunes (“See No More’’) and ballads. There’s filler (“Lighthouse’’), and adding Lil Wayne’s cameo on the remix of the second single, “Just in Love,’’ is a gratuitous stab at urban credibility that spins the song completely out of balance. (Out tomorrow)