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    ‘Project Runway All Stars’ brings back heroes and villains

    When “Project Runway All Stars’’ debuts tonight at 9 on Lifetime, there will be new faces, including host Angela Lindvall and mentor Joanna Coles. But the remainder of the participants will be quite familiar to fans of the fashion reality show. Contestants from the last eight seasons - ranging from the first run’s Austin Scarlett to season 8’s Michael Costello - will head back to the work room. Here are a few favorites who will be facing off.

    Kenley Collins, season 5

    Q. Did you have any hesitations coming back to the show?

    A. Of course. A big, long hesitation. I even said that I would never come back again. My family and my friends all said, “Please do it again.’’ They wanted people to see how I’ve changed and how good I am. So I said, “You’re right. This is a good chance for me to put myself out there and design.’’


    Q. Are you a changed woman?

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    A. Yeah. I think I am.

    Q. Why do think you should win “All Stars’’?

    A. I think that for me being on the show isn’t really about winning or losing. It was about me representing my signature style and design aesthetic. It was me taking a chance and putting myself and my designs back out there.

    Q. Were you pleased with how you came across the first time you were on “Runway’’?


    A. There were a lot of things that I wish I didn’t say. I probably could have handled myself a little bit better, but I was very young and ambitious.

    Q. For better or for worse, did the show affect your career?

    A. I think for the better. I wasn’t a known name. I didn’t have any outlet to sell anything. I started getting a lot of website sales, a lot of custom wedding gown orders, and I started a big feather headpiece trend. A lot of people just wanted to buy my headpieces.

    Anthony Williams, season 7

    Q. Did you have any hesitation about going back to the show?

    A. Most definitely. You think to yourself “I’ve gone through this.’’ And then you think “What do you have to lose? Why not?’’


    Q. Why do you think you should win?

    A. I think I should win because I took all of the things that I learned on and off the show, whether it was with my aesthetic, my talent, my creativity, and even my spirituality, and changed. I came back a very whole and complete person. I really had to work on myself.

    Q. Were you pleased with how you came across the first time you were on “Runway’’?

    A. This is what I found out: If you talk a lot and you are completely yourself, there’s not much that they can edit. If you’re a quiet person they can either make you out to be a bitch, or they could make you this quiet, somber victim.

    Q. Was there anything on the first round of “Runway’’ that you said that you wish you could take back?

    A. No. I’m not ashamed. There are some things that I probably would have done differently. I’m not ashamed of them because it was just naturally what happened in that moment.

    Q. It sounds like you’re a wise old soul under your exterior.

    A. Wise and gorgeous.

    Mondo Guerra, season 8

    Q. Is there a contestant on “All Stars’’ who should go home?

    A. We’re all really good at what we do, and we’re all very specific in what we design. Since we’ve been off the show we’ve been doing our own thing, and we’ve all really fine-tuned our aesthetic and our approach to design. So I guess the one who drops the ball the hardest deserves to go home.

    Q. Very diplomatic of you. Were you pleased with how you came across during season 8?

    A. I never expected to have such an impact on so many people the first time around. I went there and I was very shy and very much an introvert. I wasn’t necessarily very confident in what I did. So I really threw myself into my work.

    Q. Do you have any regrets about revealing your HIV status?

    A. Not at all. It’s really given me the great opportunity to speak out on AIDS awareness, education, and advocacy. That really has been what I’ve been doing in the past year. Coming off the show and revealing my status has changed my life tremendously. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. My family dynamic is the best that it’s ever been.

    Q. Did the show help you come out of your shell?

    A. I’m definitely more comfortable in the world. I appreciate all the recognition that I get from the people who watch the show. But more important, by the people I love. I can be more myself around them. I can look them in the eyes and give them hugs. Let’s just say that I’ve become a hugger.

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