Ochocinco grounds his daughter - on Twitter

Is there anything Chad Ochocinco won’t tweet about? He regularly tells his 3 million followers about his breakfast (he likes pancakes), his car (it’s a Prius), and the music he’s listening to (Mumford & Sons is a recent fave.) Unfortunately, his need to share even extends to Ochocinco’s home life. Yesterday, the Pats receiver felt compelled to reveal that his daughter, Jicyra Johnson, had been sent home from school for disciplinary reasons. (We don’t know where Jicyra, who’s 13, goes to school.) “My daughter was just suspended from school this morning for a day for a slick comment. I don’t think is worthy of a suspension. You decide,’’ No. 85 tweeted. “Teacher: Why are you late? My daughter: Why does it matter? You still get paid, right? - this is detention worthy not suspension.’’ Ochocinco then tweeted his daughter: “I’ve no idea where you got your sense of humor n slick remarks but you never undermine authority especially teachers dammit!’’ Her response? “Daddy, I got it from you so child please.’’ (Jicyra has over 10,250 Twitter followers.) Daddy apparently didn’t like that response: “Ok that comment just cost you, you’re grounded until further notice.’’ Kind of like Ochocinco has been grounded by Pats Bill Belichick all season?