George Lopez commiserates with Celtics fans

We have something in common with George Lopez: Both of our basketball teams are bad. “You guys got yours, we got ours, and we both got old,’’ said Lopez, a Lakers fan who has spent his whole life rooting against the Celtics. “Listen, basketball is better when the Lakers and Celtics are good. It really is.’’ Lopez, who’ll be in town tomorrow and Saturday for shows at the Wilbur Theater, is a serious C’s hater. Years ago, when he worked in a factory in Van Nuys, Calif., he had a picture in his cubicle of a dejected-looking Larry Bird, Robert Parish, and Kevin McHale. “I loved that shot,’’ he told us. “They were hanging their heads after losing to the Lakers.’’ TBS canceled his late-night show “Lopez Tonight,’’ but his sitcom, “George Lopez,’’ is still going strong on cable - it’s always on ION and Nickelodeon - long after production stopped. That must be very lucrative, yes? “I just got divorced,’’ Lopez said. “So it’s half lucrative.’’