Meredith Goldstein’s sexy movie picks

“Adventureland’’ (2009) Not an obvious pick, but Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds have some strange and dirty chemistry in this one. Takes you back to making out in someone’s parents’ basement in 1987.

“Closer’’ (2004) When I saw “Black Swan’’ I thought, this is sort of sexy, but I’d rather see Natalie Portman sleep with Jude Law and Clive Owen, wear a pink wig, and dance on a pole.

“Stealing Beauty’’ (1996) Jeremy Irons. Liv Tyler. Italy. A soundtrack with Nina Simone, John Lee Hooker, Portishead, and Liz Phair. Yes, please.


“Fear’’ (1996) If you’re doubting this one, just watch that Ferris wheel scene. I mean, really.

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“Pump Up the Volume’’ (1990) Few things are sexier than pirate radio, Christian Slater’s voice and Samantha Mathis ripping her sweater off.

“Unfaithful’’ (2002) I don’t condone cheating . . . but . . . we should all get to freak out on a Metro-North train back to Connecticut after an afternoon with Olivier Martinez.

“About Last Night’’ (1986) I saw this movie when I was a kid, long before I should have, and all I remember thinking was, “When I grow up, I want to get into a tub with Rob Lowe.’’ Still do.

“Fright Night’’ (1985) Chris Sarandon’s vampire, Jerry, is more magnetic than Edward Cullen (sorry, Mr. Pattinson), and much sexier than Colin Farrell’s portrayal of Jerry in the reboot last year. And that club scene? Mesmerizing.


“Mr. & Mrs. Smith’’ (2007) Say what you want about how they conduct their real lives, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made a sexy mess of that kitchen.

“Threesome’’ (1994) This film delivers what it advertises. With Lara Flynn Boyle and a legit bromance.

“Out of Sight’’ (1998) My favorite sex scene ever. In the hotel. (The locked-in-a-trunk-with-George-Clooney scene isn’t bad either.)

“Belle Époque’’ (1992) I was assigned to see this movie for Spanish class in college. I remember sitting in a study carrel in the Syracuse University library, red in the face, my breath heavy as I watched it.

“Cruel Intentions’’ (1999) Reese Witherspoon takes the escalator up to find Ryan Phillippe already there waiting for her, and then it’s hotness in a bedroom with that Sundays’ cover of “Wild Horses.’’


“A History of Violence’’ (2005) Director David Cronenberg comes up with some weird sex scenes, but it doesn’t mean they’re not . . . inspiring . . . #staircase

“Last Tango in Paris’’ (1972) Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart once said that they used this movie to inspire their chaste-yet-steamy scenes in “Twilight.’’ Good for them.

“Batman Returns’’ (1992) No one has been sexier as Batman than Michael Keaton. And no one makes Catwoman purr like Michelle Pfeiffer (sorry, Halle Berry).

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