Is ‘House’ dying a slow death?

adam taylor/fox
Hugh Laurie’s long-running series “House’’ is in its last season.

Globe critic Sarah Rodman chatted with readers about TV on Thursday on Here are excerpts:

Q. I am one week behind on “House’’ currently, but based on [a recent] episode, it is a good thing this is their last season. Chase gets attacked and is subsequently partially paralyzed? Come on!

A. It’s definitely time to call time of death I think. I just hope Cuddy makes a comeback.

Q. I have never watched “America’s Got Talent’’ but would definitely check it out for [Howard] Stern this year.


A. I think a lot of people will be doing the curiosity tune-in shuffle for Howard. I’m torn. [I] can’t decide if it will be great, a train-wreck, or [if] NBC will muzzle him so much that it won’t amount to much of anything.

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Q. Does anyone else feel that “The River’’ may fall into the trap of being a retread of “Lost’’? I swear some of the locations are the same as “Lost.’’ I realize that both shows were shot in Hawaii and were run on ABC but this worries me.

A. Yes, there are some troubling similarities. But I also think they’re trying to distinguish themselves by at least naming “the monster’’ and giving us a basic destination: finding their father/husband. It’s got other problems too, but I’m going to give it a couple [episodes].

Q. I’m watching the first season of “Homeland’’ and it’s fantastic. Any idea when season two is set to air? Also, what are your thoughts on the show?

A. Top-notch acting, top-notch writing, a few plot issues, great to have Morena Baccarin on the air. Season two is a go, probably September-October.


Q. What do you think about “Revenge’’? I feel like I haven’t seen a drama this good since “Melrose Place’’!

A. All hail “Revenge.’’ I’m consistently two [episodes] behind but it’s been one of my favorites of the new season. The casting gods really smiled on that show.

Q. “Revenge’’? Really? Isn’t it just a soap dressed up for primetime?

A. Oh, but how well it’s dressed. But it is unabashedly a nighttime soap in the “Dallas’’/“Dynasty’’/“Knots [Landing]’’ mold. Throwback fun.

Q. Have you seen anything yet for season two of “The Killing’’? I heard it’s coming back April 1.


A. Yes. And we were told that the Rosie Larsen murder would be resolved by the end of the season, which is what they did in the [Danish] original.

Q. Always feel better about myself after watching an episode of “Shameless’’. . . one of the hidden benefits of the show.

A. Yeah, life looks pretty swell after hanging with that crew.

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