Louis C.K. hosts benefit for kids with autism

Comic Louis C.K. performs at the benefit at the Wilbur Theatre.

As promised, Newton-bred comedian Louis C.K. performed at the Wilbur Theatre Monday night to raise money for the New England Center for Children in Southborough. The 37-year-old school for kids with autism is attended by the son of C.K.’s friend Robert Smigel, the man behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and “TV Funhouse’’ on “Saturday Night Live.’’ C.K. and the Wilbur organized the benefit in just three days and managed to convince Jim Gaffigan, who had just been in town for shows at the Wilbur, to return to Boston to take part in the benefit. Comedian Keith Robinson also signed on for the event. The center’s director of annual giving, Tim McCabe, told us that the school and C.K. had been in touch for a while about a comedy benefit but had problems with scheduling. When everyone realized that the star of FX’s series “Louie’’ had time for a Boston show on Presidents’ Day, all parties worked fast to make it happen. McCabe said he didn’t know that the Monday night event was on for sure until Friday afternoon. McCabe - who was one of about 40 school staffers at the performance - said he was a fan of C.K. before the funny guy began supporting the school. “I’ve definitely watched his show and seen some of his HBO specials. I was definitely a fan.’’ The night raised $32,000 for the center’s programs.