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    ALBUM REVIEW | Indie

    Damien Jurado, ‘Maraqopa’


    Damien Jurado’s new album has the patina of a long-lost psychedelic folk record from the 1970s. “Maraqopa’’ is melodious, sprawling in all the right ways, even a little ramshackle. Now 15 years into his solo career, the Seattle singer-songwriter seems to have turned a corner with the help of fellow indie underdog Richard Swift. They worked together on 2010’s “Saint Bartlett,’’ which stretched the parameters of Jurado’s stark, heart-on-sleeve folk. On “Maraqopa,’’ with Swift again producing, they continue right where they left off. This is a folk record only in the sense that Jurado lays his thoughts - on relationships, the artistic process - so bare, you’re used to hearing such sentiments over the strum of an acoustic guitar. “It’s not that I mind you/ Just hanging around/ I know that you mean well/ But it’s dragging me down,’’ he sings on “So On, Nevada.’’ They’re driven by guitar, but the songs also come to life with organ, piano, drums, and on the opening “Nothing Is the News,’’ a crash of just about every electric instrument possible. Odd touches, like a children’s chorus on “Life Away From the Garden,’’ only add to the album’s charms. (Out now)

    ESSENTIAL “So On, Nevada’’


    Damien Jurado performs at Radio in Somerville on May 18.