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Kaiser Chiefs, ‘Start the Revolution Without Me’

In their early going, Kaiser Chiefs offered a hearty, agreeably laddish take on the Mod revivalism that accompanied punk’s first wave, predicting riots and creating trouble purely out of boredom. As evidenced by the title of “Start the Revolution Without Me,’’ they’re still attuned to the same themes, but their attention has wandered. Full of computer bloops and bleeps, “Heard It Break’’ is Kraftwerk circa “The Model.’’ Elsewhere, they mine “Scary Monsters’’-era Bowie for “Things Change’’ and appear to have arranged “Paint It, Black’’ as though it were the Beatles’ “Getting Better’’ and renamed it “When All Is Quiet.’’ The stylistic curiosity doesn’t always leave the Kaiser Chiefs adrift; with its simple melodicism, scant lyrics that play as repeated sloganeering, and throbbing electronics incorporated smartly among the guitars, “Starts With Nothing’’ recalls turn-of-the-’80s Buzzcocks. “Problem Solved,’’ meanwhile, is a strong early-Chiefs Jam-style jam. But two songs aren’t enough to prop up this “Revolution.’’ (Out Tuesday) — MARC HIRSH

ESSENTIAL “Starts With Nothing’’