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Nite Jewel, ‘One Second of Love’

For a record of such minimalist production as this, the latest from LA’s Ramona Gonzalez, a.k.a. Nite Jewel, it’s surprising how much genre ground can be covered. A slight adjustment to the bass sound here, an increase in the tempo of the programmed percussion there, and “One Second of Love’’ manages to sidestep from chilled electro detachment, to R&B, to pining indie romance. Sometimes that marriage of styles comes within the span of one track, like the gently danceable “Mind & Eyes,’’ a sort of Americanized version of the retro Euro-beat cool of Brit swooners Saint Etienne. Other songs, like “She’s Always Watching You,’’ find Gonzalez channeling a pop-style R&B that would have fit nicely into the rotation of mid-’90s MTV. At its most stripped down, as on “No I Don’t,’’ Gonzalez comes off as the female answer to current blog-hyped crooner the Weeknd, pushing forward an almost uncomfortably desolate sound-space of echoing bass squiggles that she populates with an aching emotional delivery. (Out Tuesday) — LUKE O’NEIL

ESSENTIAL “Mind & Eyes’’


Nite Jewel performs at Brighton Music Hall on March 26.