On Demand picks

PRIDE★★ ½ (Comcast Movie Collections: Black Cinema) Terrence Howard plays a coach who turns a handful of black Philadelphia teens into championship swimmers. This is a public-service melodrama too clichéd to be based on anything but a true story. The acting is strong, but as written the kids are one-note afterthoughts, not people. (PG; runs through April 1) — WESLEY MORRIS

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL★★★ ½ (Comcast Movie Collections: Ryan Gosling) When the title character in this amusing, heartfelt, beautifully acted comedy, a pathologically shy cubicle drone played by Ryan Gosling, falls in love with a life-size sex toy he orders from the Internet, the rest of a rural Wisconsin town does, too. Rarely in movies is virtuousness such a natural condition of the Christian soul. With Emily Mortimer, Paul Schneider, and the great Patricia Clarkson as Lars’s sympathetic shrink. (PG-13; runs through April 3) — WESLEY MORRIS

ANGEL EYES★★ ½ (Comcast Movie Collections: Streampix) Beneath its cop-show exterior, this gritty-looking but romantically minded film stars Jennifer Lopez as a conflicted Chicago cop and Jim Caviezel as her street-prowling guardian angel. Director Luis Mandoki has made an adult love story with a sensitive touch, even if it sometimes seems too long and weepy. (R; runs through April 1)