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Tanlines, ‘Mixed Emotions’

To get heady about “Mixed Emotions,’’ the debut full-length from NYC duo Tanlines would only weigh down its deliciously familiar electro trop-pop tropes (say that three times fast) and, frankly, ruin the party they’re trying to throw. And while it’s hard to ignore this album’s more meta-qualities (over and over, they effortlessly nail that coveted John Hughes’s movie end-credits vibe), it’s important to try. Distract yourself ironing or cooking and the jangling dream-pop of “Rain Delay’’ might not dredge up your pre-prom jitters - nor “Nonesuch’’ your most swoonworthy slow dance. Much will be written of Tanlines’ soft-spot for a certain sweet-spot of sunshiney late-’80s globetrotting world-pop; you can smell the cocoa butter on songs like “All of Me,’’ “Yes Way,’’ and “Real Life,’’ and vocalist Eric Emm’s islandy inflections only add to this beachy feel. Still, for all of their sunset tints, fake congas, and overall indulgence in artifice, the songs neither feel cloyingly ironic or haplessly naïve. “Tell everyone we’re not the same,’’ Emm sings on “Not the Same’’ - and while there are plenty of reasons I can, the best way to listen to “Mixed Emotions’’ is not too closely. (Out Tuesday) ESSENTIAL “Rain Delay’’