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    Paul Weller, ‘Sonik Kicks’

    In the 35 years since the first Jam record, Paul Weller has, as a bandleader or a solo artist, released 23 studio albums that have made him a megastar in the UK and remained largely invisible in the States outside of mod, punk, and Britpop cult fandom. His latest effort, “Sonik Kicks,’’ won’t change that. Continuing in the same vein as 2010’s “Wake Up the Nation,’’ the album finds Weller throwing sounds against the wall and seeing what sticks. Unfortunately, not much does. Opener “Green’’ is fitted out with a synthesized throb and heavy drumbeat pulse that offer the same spaceflight lift as the Secret Machines, while iPod listeners will be driven to fidget with their headphone connections as the stereo effects toy with their ears. Nothing else is quite so drastic, though Weller dips into dub reggae (“Study in Blue’’), Nick Drake (courtesy of the spacious acoustic guitar and lushly unsettled strings of “By The Waters’’), flattened oompah skank (“Kling I Klang’’) and Bauhaus-like goth glower (“Around the Lake,’’ where the guitar and drums slash equally). But it’s all window dressing, and without memorable tunes, “Sonik Kicks’’ is just sound with little fury. Weller’s songs usually signify more. (Out now) ESSENTIAL “Dragonfly’’