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    Album Review | INDIE ROCK

    Bear in Heaven, ‘I Love You, It’s Cool’

    As titles go, “I Love You, It’s Cool’’ sharply (and unintentionally) captures the passive passion that propels the songs on Bear in Heaven’s third album. The problem with the Brooklyn, N.Y., trio has never been a scarcity of ideas. The way they shrink wrap their futurist prog-scapes into fun-size pop parcels on “Reflection of You’’ and “Sinful Nature’’ effectively splits the difference between dense and dancey. It’s just hard not to wish they sounded hungrier. Jon Philpot’s croon lightens the landscape on “Cool Light’’ (an otherwise pleasantly whirring drone) and “Idle Heart’’ (a bombastic opener and the album’s highlight), but he never loses his constant, distant cool. Much like the album, he takes few chances, apart from gently skewing a vocal line. By the time “World of Freakout’’ rolls past, the terrain is too familiar - the agreeable enough “Warm Water’’ and the dull wash of “Space Remains’’ prolong a tepid trend that sogs the album’s last half. What good is cool without any danger? (Out Tuesday) — MICHAEL BRODEUR

    ESSENTIAL “Idle Heart’’