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Green Day, ‘¡Dos!’

“¡Dos!,” the second installment in Green Day’s post-Broadway trilogy, is a quick clip of brazen rock ’n’ pop with tender tunes — “See You Tonight” and “Amy” — sandwiching snotty mayhem. Green Day emulates early Who on the sizzling “Makeout Party” and uses Cheap Trick’s bubblegum hooks to haul up “Stop When the Red Lights Flash.” The malaise of the trio’s own greener days resurfaces on “Lazy Bones,” yet in darker, more measured form. “¡Dos!” is as unbridled as the band’s concept albums were orderly. Yet there’s nothing wrong with slamming the garage sleaze of “(Expletive) Time” into the gooey pleading of “Stray Heart.” Guitarist and singer Billie Joe Armstrong sells each tune with a fervent glee, making plausible connections from the horror-punk of “Baby Eyes” to the psychedelic pop of “Wow! That’s Loud.” Twenty years on from “Kerplunk,” Green Day couldn’t possibly replicate its early urgency, but the band can manage to keep its sound nicely unhinged. (Out Tuesday)

Scott McLennan

ESSENTIAL “Lazy Bones”