Critic’s corner: Nov. 30


Jay & Silent Bob Go Down Under 10 p.m., Epix

Director, writer, comic book obsessive, pot lover, and mega-podcaster Kevin Smith (left) travels to Sydney with his cohort Jason Mews. They take the stage to talk to a live audience of Aussie fans and take questions. The subjects are likely to include sex, drugs, and Batman.


Homeland Sunday at 10 p.m., Showtime

I think we’re supposed to be wondering if Abu Nazir turned Brody back around during their hours together. Now that would be something. Also something: The way the writers have given almost every character on the show torn loyalties and crises of conscience. “Homeland” is getting a little cuckoo, and by cuckoo I mean “24”-ish, with plot gaps that are increasingly hard to overlook. I mean, just the fact that Carrie is still working with the CIA is silly. But nevertheless I’m still hooked in a rather big way.

Wives With Knives 10 p.m., ID

Freud overjoyed.

Lightmares 8 p.m., HGTV


And Noellucinations.

Haunted Encounters: Face to Face 10 p.m., Biography

App-arition.™, baby.

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