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SANDRA BULLOCK in outer space in the thriller “GRAVITy.”
SANDRA BULLOCK in outer space in the thriller “GRAVITy.”

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½ Gravity The prodigiously gifted director Alfonso Cuarón (“Children of Men”) maroons Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in outer space. The movie’s an astonishingly detailed, visually painstaking state-of-the-art production that advances what the cinema can show us — even as the human story at its center feels a little thin after a while. Some screenings are in 3-D IMAX; they’re worth it. (90 min., PG-13)
(Ty Burr)

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction Faced with a subject — laconic/iconic character actor Harry Dean Stanton — who’s not so much resistant as beyond her reach, director Sophie Huber does the sensible thing: She goes to the clips, talks to creative accomplices, and just lets the man sing. It adds up to an unexpectedly moving portrait of a maverick at twilight. (77 min., unrated) (Ty Burr)

Herb & Dorothy 50x50
A follow-up to “Herb & Dorothy” (2009), this documentary follows the title project, New York collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel’s plan to bequeath some of the 5,000 art objects they have accumulated in their apartment to museums in all 50 states. The Vogels are amazing, the artwork provocative, and the reactions of viewers in the sticks priceless. (87 min., unrated) (Peter Keough)


Mother of George This melodrama about a young wife who fails to conceive a child is set in a Nigerian community in Brooklyn whose seemingly alien traditions and customs prove not much different than most. The lush cinematography and outstanding performances draw in the viewer and bring a near biblical drama about a terrible dilemma close to home. In English and Yoruba, with subtitles. (107 min., R) (Peter Keough)

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½ Parkland Peter Landesman’s well-made but dramatically unfocused re-creation of the days following the JFK assassination in Dallas. The movie is about civic trauma, but it steadfastly resists coming to a larger point. The large and busy cast includes Zac Efron, Paul Giamatti, Billy Bob Thornton, Ron Livingston, James Badge Dale, and Jacki Weaver. (93 min., PG-13) (Ty Burr)

½ Runner Runner A depressingly generic gambling thriller starring Justin Timberlake as an ambitious twerp and big, bad Ben Affleck as an online betting tycoon. It’s not that the movie’s predictable. It’s that you don’t care, either about the characters or what happens to them. Playing a fed, Anthony Mackie’s the best thing in the movie. (91 min., R) (Ty Burr)

½ Wadjda The first woman to direct a feature film in Saudi Arabia, Haifaa Al Mansour has created an unforgettable character, played irresistibly by Waad Mohammed. A precocious, funny, and indomitable 10-year-old, she breaks many of her society’s rules, especially in her determination to buy a bicycle. More than a critique of prejudice and iniquity, the film celebrates the independent spirit. In Arabic, with subtitles. (97 min., PG) (Peter Keough)

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