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From #AskThicke to Songza

If it’s a trend, a clip, a comment, a moment, a meme, a tag, or a topic, it’s a thing. Thing Tank is a review of the week in things, and rates them either up or down.


More people show up for a horrible idea than a good one on Twitter, which means that whinnying Beetlejuice impersonator Robin Thicke has the smartest PR team ever for coming up with #AskThicke — a (seeming) well-meaning live Q&A that quickly degenerated into a worldwide rip session of rhetorical questions pointed at his much ballyhooed creep factor, a la “What’s it like being the human personification of a mid-life crisis?”


Bottles of Coca-Cola are displayed for sale at a grocery store in Palo Alto, Calif., Monday, April 25, 2011. Coca-Cola Co.'s first-quarter net income climbed 18 percent Tuesday, April 26, as business overseas continued to strengthen and sales of its juices and sodas rose. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma) / 06thingtank
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

3D Systems chief creative officer announces the release later this year of the EkoCycle Cube 3D Printer ($1,199), which will print objects using filaments derived from plastic bottles. Studies suggest that over five years, his product could reuse almost as much garbage as he’s produced.


1990 TV series "Twin Peaks." Caption: Kyle MacLaughlan 30reimagined
Kyle MacLaughlan in "Twin Peaks."

If you’re hunting for a nice 4BR where you and your family can live in terror, good news! The Palmer family’s house from “Twin Peaks” is for sale. And it’s so creepy. If you’ve got $550k, Bob’s your uncle. Or your father, actually. (Sorry if I just spoiled that for you, but come on.)


 -- 06thingtank


Facebook reveals it tweaked the News Feed of nearly 700k users to display varying levels of positive and negative content as part of a study to determine whether social media can manipulate our emotions. The result: They can. Facebookers voice outrage on Facebook and cause massive sympathetic wave of outrage until new kitten video makes everyone everywhere giggle.


Google acquires Songza: Songza logo? Google logo? The G doing something to the Songza beast? / 06thingtank

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Google acquires music streaming service Songza, which uses criteria such as what you’re doing and when to determine what music to play. So if the “Benny Hill” theme comes on, you might want to take whatever you’re doing down a notch.


A frothed-up Twitter demands local sports talker emeritus Eddie Andelman surrender his Jitterbug after he tweets (and deletes) that 19 million World Cup viewers are evidence of illegal immigrants living within US borders. This is a man who could use some 2048 in his life.

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